Sofia Banzhaf

Silence Is Deadly in Silent Retreat Trailer

If I learned anything from the Evil Dead remake, it's that rehabbing in a cabin in the woods isn't exactly the best way to try to get clean and sober. Apparently, no one bothered to pass that message along to the protagonist in Silent Retreat, who's got more than addiction to fend off.

New Silent Retreat Poster Breaks the Silence With a Scream

Last week we brought you the first trailer for the upcoming indie flick Silent Retreat, and now we have the poster to go along with it. Take a look, and expect more soon!

Scream Your Head Off at the Silent Retreat

If you've ever been to rehab, then you are certain of one thing... changing your ways can be a really good thing, but damn it is the road scary along the way. Especially for our troubled hero in Silent Retreat.