Sloane Coe

Promo for Syfy's August 22nd Back-to-Back Shark Attack with Sharknado and Ghost Shark

In just one week Syfy is going back to the Sharknado well and teaming its juggernaut film with the premiere of Ghost Shark. Check out the combo promo for the August 22nd event here!

Three New Sneak Peeks of Ghost Shark and a Slew of Promo Videos for Syfy's July 27th #Sharkathon

Syfy is riding high on "Shark-Mentum" in the wake of its Sharknado phenomenon, and on August 22nd they're going back to the well with Ghost Shark. Curious? Check out these three new sneak peeks.

A Second Look at Syfy's Ghost Shark Haunts the Internet

Syfy is still riding the wave of insanity left in the wake of Sharknado, and the powers-that-be are looking to surf that bad boy all the way until August with their latest fear-filled fish tale Ghost Shark. Check out this new look!

A Ghost Shark Trailer Materializes at Sea

In what has to be the most wacky premise for a film we've seen in years, we have on tap for you the first official trailer for Ghost Shark. That's right, Ghost Shark. Read on for details and artwork!