Slender Man Is Getting Ready to Haunt Consoles in Slender: The Arrival

We first told you about Slender: The Arrival around a year ago, but good things come to those who wait. Spooky things, too! Check out the official word on the game as well as lots of eye candy and even a trailer.

Terrifying New Trailer Arrives For Slender: The Arrival

Slender: The Arrival will release in 2013 for PC from ParsecProductions and Blue Isle Studios. Players will step into a horrifying nightmare where you must escape a haunting entity. Read on to watch the first trailer and check out the improved visuals and intense storyline!

Another Slender Game Headed Your Way

If you thought the first game was horrifying, then get ready for even more thrills in Slender: The Arrival! Read on to jump into the dark adventure that awaits.

Experimental Horror Game Slender Turns Heads

Slender is a free-to-play horror game that is available now on PC. The game takes you on a dark journey that plays on all your deepest and darkest fears. Grab your mouse and keyboard, shut the lights, and have at it!