Stephen King Slashing His Way to Joyland

Around these parts when prolific horror author Stephen King talks, we listen, and believe you me this is something that you cats are going to want to hear about!

Throwing Stones Web Series Comes to Dread Central! Watch the Entire First Season NOW!

Have we got a weekend treat for you! Even though there are no horror flicks opening this week, we figured hey, folks have to get their fix somewhere, right? So dig it, kids! Watch the entire first season of the hit horror web series Throwing Stones right here, right NOW!

Go Retro with The Turnpike Killer DVD / VHS Combo-Pak

If you're the kind of horror fan that gets all in a tizzy over the golden days of '80s horror (and who amongst us isn't?), then you're going to love The Turnpike Killer upcoming package available June 22. It screams '80s horror.

Official Trailer and Image Gallery for Detention Now Online

Some more eye candy has shown up for Joseph Kahn's new slasher flick, Detention, and we've got the goods for you right here. And yes, there are images of The Hunger Games' Josh Hutcherson included so remain calm, chicas!

Official Detention One-Sheet Cancels the Future of Hunger Games' Josh Hutcherson

An official one-sheet for Joseph Kahn's new slasher flick, Detention, has hit the interwebs as a means to no doubt capitalize on starring The Hunger Games' Josh Hutcherson. Very crafty, Samuel Goldwyn Films. Very crafty!

Indie Horror Month Announcement: Dread Central to Host One Day Screening of Justin Russell's The Sleeper This Friday

80's slasher fans, take note- you are not going to want to miss out on what we've got cooking for you this upcoming Friday! Read on for all the info you're gonna want to know!

Teaser Trailer for The Hog: A Return to Fear Released

Recently we shared the very unique initial trailer for upcoming horror film The Hog: A Return to Fear. What was unique about this particular trailer was that it was all audio. You don't see that very often, but it was quite effective. Today you get your first look at The Hog himself!

The Orphan Killer is Riding Dirty on Convention Tour

Director Matt Farnsworth is taking his film The Orphan Killer onto the convention tour in style. So if you happen to be driving down the freeway, look over and see a sports car beside you covered with blood, don't worry, it's just The Orphan Killer ... hopefully.

Indie Horror Month: Justin Russell Talks The Sleeper, Eighties Slashers and More

For his second feature up-and-coming writer/director Justin Russell revisits the genre he loves the most, 80's slasher flicks, and since the recent release of The Sleeper on DVD and VHS, we here at Dread Central have fallen head over heels with Russell's work and all its cheesy goodness.

Check Out a Couple of Exclusive Pics From Web Series Throwing Stones

We at Dread Central are big fans of the Throwing Stones web series. We've given you all kinds of coverage for seasons 1 and 2 and are now proud to bring you two exclusive stills from season 2 and an exciting announcement concerning some accolades the series has earned.

Take a Look at Mysterious Slasher Film 7 Down

Although it's really cool to get a good look at a slasher film's killer right off the bat, there is something to be said about a faceless killer as well. That mysteriously shadowed shroud of a killer can often be just as enticing as their creatively masked counterparts.

Take a Trip to Madison County in May

The pig-headed slasher flick from Eric England, Madison County, is finally making its way home to DVD and digital demand, and we have all the details for you hot and squishy!

Detention Gets a Theatrical Release Date and a New Clip

Great news out there for fans looking forward to Joseph Kahn's slasher opus Detention. There are lots of goodies just waiting for you today to dig upon including a new clip, a website, and a list of theatres showing the flick! Dig it!

The Hog: A Return to Fear Reveals a Teaser to Scream For

A great trailer is a powerful motivational tool. It can pique your interest, draw you in, and next thing you know, you've got your butt in the chair watching whatever movie it was shilling. Today we've got a rarity ... an audio trailer.

Check into the Nightclub School Hospital

So yeah. The Chinese are pretty much as insane as the Japanese when it comes to making horror movies, and if you need any more proof of this fact, then check out the trailer for Nightclub School Hospital. Yes, that's right... Nightclub School Hospital. Don't worry; we're just as confused.