Hitch a Trailer at Sleepaway Camp

Joey M. pointed us to YouTube where a trailer for the long awaited Return to Sleepaway Camp was housed. The film will hopefully arrive on October 14th thanks to Magnolia Pictures.

Magnolia Off to Sleepaway Camp?

I usually don’t give a hell about anything having to do with more Sleepaway Camp movies, but this was just too weird to ignore. Fangoria reported yesterday that Magnolia Pictures, the guys who put out The Signal, Shrooms and the original Pulse to name a few, has nabbed the release rights for Return to Sleepaway Camp.

Alive or Dead (DVD)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Ann Henson, Angelica Magana, L. Flint Esquerra, Gretchen Busenitz Directed by Stephen Goetsch Distributed by Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Updated: Child's Play Anniversary DVD!

**Scroll to the bottom for the update!** Great news out there for all you fans of tiny dolls that have been running amok due in part to demonic infestations!

Student Bodies (DVD)

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Botched (DVD)

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Cottage, The (DVD)

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Blue Eyes of the Broken Doll (DVD)

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Black House (DVD)

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Exclusive: Two Scenes from Inside & Trailer!

We've just uploaded an exclusive video to the Video Dread which features two scenes from Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo's super sick home invasion flick Inside (DVD review). I highly doubt this is safe for work, so click with caution! Below our exclusive is the DVD trailer for the movie as well!

Prom Night (2008)

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Inside (DVD)

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P2 (DVD)

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