Dimension Teases Scream 5

Yes, Scream 4 was a disaster at the box office, raking in only a fraction of its budget. Still, that's not stopping Dimension from taking to Twitter to start teasing a fifth entry into the franchise. "How much do you love @Scream4? How badly do you want #Scream5? Come up with a clever tweet and we'll RT!" challenged the official Dimension Films Twitter account.

The Last Caress Lubed With Blood, Glam, and Gore

Giallo films are usually on the artsy side of the fence, and this latest one from directors François Gaillard and Christophe Robin entitled, beautifully enough, Last Caress has all that and a bucket of gore going for it.

One Way Trip Leads to a Badass One-Sheet

The good folks behind the upcoming slasher opus One Way Trip 3D have dropped what very well could be the best damned bit of poster art we've seen all year on us! Get ready to dig on every glorious pixel! For more check out the official One Way Trip Facebook page! Synopsis

Promo Trailer Debut - Giallo Tribute Film, Masks

I really can't even remember the last giallo film we watched that we actually enjoyed. Even Argento himself misfired with his latest attempt. One filmmaker seems to be on the right track, and if this new promo trailer is any indication of what's to come, we're in fine black-gloved hands.

Trailer Debut - One Way Trip 3D

A low resolution, but thankfully English subtitled trailer for the headsy little slasher flick One Way Trip 3D has made its way online, and we have it here waiting for you with a gift card to 7-11 in case you get the munchies. Just bring us back a cheeseburger Big Bite.

Tribeca 2011: Dick Maas Talks Saint (Sint)

Saint or Sint, the new action/horror hybrid slasher flick from Dutch director Dick Maas, had its North American premiere earlier this week at the Tribeca Film Fest.

ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2 Carves Out a Release Date

Finally we have a release date for Rob Hall's sequel to his hit flick, Laid to Rest entitled ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2 and it will be here to just in time to usher in the spookiest part of the year! Look for the ultra-violent sequel on September 20th, 2011. Keep it locked right here in terms of the whens and the wheres. When we know you'll know!

Lost 80's Slasher Sledgehammer FINALLY Comes to DVD

Here at Dread Central we write hundreds if not thousands of news stories per month. We're getting to the point where it's becoming increasingly harder and harder to surprise us. Yet every now and again though it happens. Like now for instance. From the Press Release

More on the Scream 4 You DIDN'T See

And by "didn't see" we're talking about stuff that was changed in the final cut of the film and not stuff you just didn't bother going to the theatre to check out. Will we get an extended cut on Blu-ray? Given Scream 4's box office performance (or lack thereof) we'll find out soon enough.

IFC Nabs Rights To Dutch Slasher Flick, Saint

Slasher movies are awesome. And while I find that the vast majority of new ones leave a lot to be desired when compared to their superior 80s counterparts, I'm always glad to see someone take a, ahem, stab at creating something new. From the Press Release

Feast Your Eyes On What Was Cut in The Dorm that Dripped Blood

We're just a week away from Synapse Films' Blu-ray and DVD release of The Dorm that Dripped Blood completely uncut for the first time ever. For those fans (I'm looking at you, Matt Fini) out there eagerly anticipating this long time coming moment, a new cut-to-uncut comparison has just popped up online for the insanely curious.

Choose (2011)

Starring Katheryn Winnick, Kevin Pollak, Nicholas Tucci, Bruce Dern Directed by Marcus Graves

The Scream 4 You DIDN'T See - Alternate Opening, Ending, and More

One of the first things we noticed about Scream 4 upon watching it was that the image of a body hanging in one hell of a blood bath of a room with the words "What's Your Favorite Scary Movie" scrawled on the wall wasn't in the film. Curious what else made the cutting room floor?

Scream 4 Central - Read the Review, Watch the Clips, Check out the Interviews

It has been over a decade in the making, and after years of hoping and weeks of teasing, Scream 4 is finally here! We want to help you wade through our massive coverage to give you the essentials in one tidy compilation.

Sales Trailer Debut - TBK: The Toolbox Murders 2

An early sales trailer has popped up online for Dean C. Jones' sequel to the remake of The Toolbox Murders, titled mysteriously enough TBK - The Toolbox Murders 2, and as per usual we have it for you right here. We're good like that.