US Trailer Arrives for MJ Dixon's Slasher House

MJ Dixon's Slasher House is getting its UK release shortly while those of us here in the States have to wait until early 2014. To make sure we keep the film in mind, the powers-that-be have released a US trailer for it, which you can check out right here, right now!

A Scare Zone Opens on VOD and DVD this Summer

We've all been there. As horror fans it's almost our duty to take part in haunted attractions each Halloween season no matter how long the lines. Some of them are truly worth it, too. Especially the ones that feature real murder and mayhem. Those are the best!

UK Slasher Fans - Get Sliced & Diced This May!

If you have a hankering for all things slasher, then you're gonna want to grab your machete and get ready to party as 88 Films are poised to unsheathe High Rising Productions' independent documentary Slice & Dice: The Slasher Film Forever in a double-DVD set on May 13th.

Slasher House (2013)

Starring Eleanor James, Adam Williams, Wellington Grosvenor, Andrew M. Greenwood, Alex Grimshaw Written and directed by MJ Dixon

First Stills, Artwork, and Trailer - Home Sweet Home

Some goodies from French director David Morley (Mutants) next film, Home Sweet Home, have made their way online and we have the goods for you right here. Get ready for a heaping helping of stills and more. Dig it!

Second Teaser Trailer for Hungarian Slasher Bloody Night

A second teaser trailer has arrived for Hakan Yildiz's slasher film Bloody Night, which was shot in Budapest, Hungary, and features several rising stars and starlettes. This latest teaser shows flashes of the mysterious killer who is intent on stalking four friends on holiday.

Slasher House Lands UK Distro; US Release News Coming Soon

Slasher fans in the UK will have a chance to visit MJ Dixon's Slasher House in just a few months as word has come that the film will be distributed there by Safecracker Pictures with news of a US release expected to follow shortly.

Spend a Bloody Night with this New Slasher Flick

Now that all of the November to February love and family-related holidays are finally over with, it's time to get back to some serious horror business; and we have a new trailer, stills, and one-sheet on tap for you cats from the indie slasher Bloody Night. Dig it!

The Orphan Killer is Coming to a Store Near You! Look For Marcus Miller Masks this Halloween!

Halloween is eight months away, but you can never start planning too early. Let's see, you've been a zombie, a vampire and Gene Simmons in full KISS face paint in the past. You need something new and we've got a costume idea for you that's completely original.

Smiley (DVD)

Starring Caitlin Gerard, Melanie Papalia, Shane Dawson, Roger Bart, Keith David Directed by Michael Gallagher

Todd Farmer Talks My Bloody Valentine 2, Halloween 3D, The Monkey's Paw, and More!

Now that Valentine’s Day has passed, this writer must ask: How many of you horror fans celebrated by watching My Bloody Valentine 3D, the wickedly fun 2009 remake of the 80s slasher classic?

Exclusive: H.M. Coakley and Allison Kyler Talk Holla II Release Plans/Sequels; New Stills

With writer/director H.M. Coakley’s Holla II having premiered last week at L.A.’s Pan African Film Fest, we chatted with the filmmaker regarding release plans for his horror whodunit as well as with one of the film’s stars, Allison Kyler.

Cold Prey II Finally Comes to U.S. Shores

Finally, after years of waiting, the sequel to the Norwegian slasher flick Cold Prey, entitled Cold Prey II, is coming out here in the States despite being available internationally for a while now.

Exclusive Interview: Writer/Director Michael Gallagher Talks Smiley, Sequel Plans and More

This week Michael Gallagher's indie urban legend slasher Smiley arrives on DVD via Arc Entertainment. Gallagher's film explores the dangers of Internet chatting through a serial killer that can be summoned if given the proper command ("I did it for the lulz").

An Update and New Trailer for Slasher House

It's been over a year since we last heard anything about Slasher House from Mycho Pictures, but in that time the film has been completed (look for a review soon) and gotten itself an updated poster and a second trailer.