A Serbian Film Finally Hitting Home Completely Uncut

For those of you upset that A Serbian Film hit Blu-ray and DVD earlier this year in an edited down version, we've got an explanation and even some good news for you. Read on, sickos!

First Look at the DVD and Blu-ray Art for A Serbian Film

What more can be said about A Serbian Film? The flick has been referred to as "relentlessly horrifying" and "child pornography". Our take? It's all special effects, people. Get a grip. Anyway, you'll be able to make up your own mind when this year's most controversial film comes home.

Theatrical Release News and One-Sheets - A Serbian Film

Since the film first burst forth onto the scene there's been a ton on controversy surrounding A Serbian Film. In a couple of months you'll be able to judge it for yourself as the flick smashes into the States. From the Press Release

A Serbian Film Deemed Child Pornography in Barcelona

And the little film designed to shock, offend, put off, and disgust its viewers, A Serbian Film has caused a hell of a lot of commotion at the Sitges Film Festival in Barcelona when it screened there. Hold on to your asses, folks!

Sid Haig to be Honored at Sitges

Well then! It looks as if the rest of the world is finally catching on to what we already knew -- Sid Haig deserves to be honored for his amazing career in the industry. He's done it all, worked with them all, and the devil is finally getting his due!

The Legend of Beaver Dam Heading to Sitges and Several Other Film Fests

When we find something fresh and unique here at Dread Central, we don't scrimp on letting our readers know about it. And from the looks of things, the whole world is soon going to know about it, too, since the much talked about and highly praised "The Legend of Beaver Dam" 12-minute horror musical short film is about to appear in a myriad of film fests.

Sitges is Heartless

Lionsgate UK just dropped a four-minute long look at Philip Ridley's Heartless (review here) and its trek to the 42nd Sitges Film Festival, and we've got it for you minus the jet-lag.

Duncan Jones' Moon Shines Brightly at Sitges

The results are in from the recently concluded Sitges Film Festival, which ran from October 1st-12th in Catalonia, Spain, and Duncan Jones' hauntingly beautiful Moon (review here) left its competition in the dust.

Horror Spreading Across Spain

A new article focusing on the burgeoning film community in Spain appeared in Variety over the weekend (thanks to Heather for pointing it out), which makes mention of some very interesting sounding new films on their way from the country.

Virus Film Able to Premiere at Sitges

The other day we received a heads up from filmmaker Will Stotler about a new film he co-created with director Marc Robert called Able which, though we may have not heard of it before now, is premiering at the prestigious Sitges Film Festival, so obviously this is one we need to keep our eyes on.

Balaguero Delivers a Faux Exorcist V Teaser

Wow, what a horribly teasy thing to do; apparently there’s a Festival of False Trailers coming up during the next Sitges Film Festival, and for it REC co-director Jaume Balaguero created a fake teaser for The Exorcist V ... and it’s pretty damn good!