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SHHH! Dread Central Has a New Podcast! The Spooky Hour Horror Hour!

We hear it all the time. When are you guys going to do a new Dinner for Fiends? When are you going to do another Foycast? Well, as always they're coming. Actually we're revamping the way we're doing things so it's taking a while to work out the kinks. However, we have really good news for you!

Dread Central Turns Five! Time to Blow Stuff Up!

Five years. Ups and downs. Crowning achievements. Growing pains aplenty. Old friends. New faces. Everything in-between. That's pretty much what the ride has been like for us here at Dread Central, and every bit of joy and pain has never seemed more worth it.

Goodbye Dread Central! Hello Geek Terminal!

Some of you may have noticed over the past few months that Dread Central articles have periodically strayed from the horror genre. That was just a test run for the big news. Much of the Dread Central staff will soon be migrating over to our new website, Geek Terminal, a web portal covering movies, TV shows, comic books, video games, etc. News that's important to the internet fanboy community.

9th Annual Rondo Hatton Award Winners Announced

This year's e-mail vote for the 9th annual Rondo Hatton Awards, conducted by the Classic Horror Film Board, drew more than 2,900 votes as fans chose among 30 categories; and we here at Dread Central are both honored and humbled to have once again been awarded a Rondo for Best Website! Read on to find out who our 2011 co-winners are.

SXSW 2011: Dread Central and Lost Zombies Present "Zombies Must Eat" Panel

Dread Central readers, it’s hard to put into words just how amazing and inspiring it has been for this writer to be on hand for the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, over the last several days. It’s been exhausting, challenging, and ultimately one of the best experiences I’ve ever had as a reporter.

What's YOUR Favorite Scary Movie? Tell Us NOW!

Here at DC we look for new and cool ways to involve our readers in the spooky fun. The wheels are always turning, and we've cooked up something pretty neat we'd like you guys to take part in!

Dread Central to Celebrate Indie Horror Month in March

While we love covering horror movies of all shapes and sizes, the staff at Dread Central has always fostered a deep-rooted appreciation for the independent horror movement that has been alive and kicking for over 90 years now.

Sneak Preview: Dread Central is Bringing You “Final Girls” This February

As one of the women of Dread Central, I thought it would be fun to do something a little different in honor of February being Women in Horror Month. Starting in just a couple of weeks we will be running an exclusive interview series called “Final Girls” profiling some of horror’s most kick-ass warrior chicks from the last thirty years.

Happy Thanksgiving '09 from Dread Central

It's hard to believe another year is in the can and we're going stronger than ever. We have a ton of stuff to be thankful for so allow us to indulge ourselves for a moment ...

Dread Central Coverage: Comic-Con 2009

Well, it's here! The event we have all been dreading in-house -- San Diego Comic-Con 2009! For the rest of the week and weekend we'll be bringing you coverage of the show as it happens. Regular updates will continue as time permits. Check back often as there are a million things going on. Keep it right here for all the mayhem as it happens!

Dread Central Turns 3! GET NAKED!

You know, with all of the exclusives, images, news, and reviews we've been pumping out lately, something just occurred to me -- we forgot to mention one very important thing ... Dread Central has just turned three years old!

Dread Central Gets Some New Blood

Man, it's been one hell of a ride thus far, and things are only getting bigger and crazier. As Dread Central approaches its three-year anniversary(!) out here on our own, we wanted to take a second to make you guys aware of some new faces you'll be seeing around these parts.

Uncle Creepy on BlogTalkRadio

Hey guys! Just had a pretty fun radio interview with J. Travis Grundon that I figured I'd share with you all about all things horror! Filthy, dirty horror.

Dread Central Gets Hard-Boiled Horror Tales

Here at Dread Central we are always striving to deliver you guys the coolest, most unique stuff possible. To that point we are happy to announce that starting next Monday DC readers will be turned on to our exclusive online comic strip -- Doug Slack's Hard-Boiled Horror Tales!

Hilarious New Dread Central Fan Art

You know why we love you guys? Because you make us laugh as much as we make you laugh. We have this mutual bond that runs as deep as my hatred for Strawberry Estates! Some new fan art made it into our mailboxes today, and we just had to give you guys props!