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Dread Central and More Bringing Some Horror to Stan Lee's Comikaze

With Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo approaching like a freight train this weekend in LA (September 15-16 at the Los Angeles Convention Center), it is our sworn duty to let you know of a couple of horror happenings at the show that we'll be taking part in!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Dread Central Is Heading to Television with Paranormal Paparazzi

It's been a long road for us here at Dread Central. What started out as an idea has grown into something bigger than we ever could have anticipated. Being that we have been infecting your monitors for so long, it's time for us to make the jump to cable television on Travel Channel.

Dread Central Opens Up Online Halloween Store with SUPER Discounts!

Halloween is a very special time of the year for horror fans. Let's face it, it's our "Holiday Season". The only bad thing about it? It's also when every store, both physical and online, raises the prices of their stuff, making it difficult for folks to afford their horror haul. NOT ANYMORE!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win an iPad 2 from Dread Central and PunchTab!

Here at Dread Central we love you guys. Seriously, you cats mean the world to us so when it comes to giving you fine fiends chances to win free stuff, we jump at every opportunity. Why? Because you're all so very sexy! That being said...

Saturday Nightmares Returns This Weekend

Dread Central regulars might remember my short-lived column from 2010. I drudged up older genre films on a weekly basis in an effort to give them their day in the sun. But I found myself bogged down in real life stuff at the time that prevented me from continuing on. I always intended on bringing it back, and I'm happy to say that day is nearly upon us!

Dread Central Turns Six!

Six years ago Dread Central opened its doors on July 4th, declaring our independence from those who were holding us back, and the lunatics have been running the asylum ever since. The road thus far has been winding and unpredictable, and we wouldn't want it any other way.

Dread Central's Regrets, Reviews, and Regards - Sometimes We Suck

We admit it. We're not always right. In fact, like everyone else sometimes we miss the mark by a mile. Still, one man's trash is another's treasure, and in that spirit we'd like to take this time to poke a little fun at ourselves and look back at some of the reviews we get no end of shit for.

It's Coming! Dread Central's Indie Horror Month Celebration Kicks Off March 1st

With March just right around the corner, we thought it was about time to unveil some of the awesomeness we've been busy putting together over the last month or so for Dread Central's upcoming Indie Horror Month celebration.

Night Terrors Returns With a Diabolical Dummy in Tow

Night Terrors, the web series which was banned on several other sites for its usage of ... well ... everything naughty, is back with a second episode, and we have it for you right here, completely uncut. Dig it!

Announcing the First Guest for Dread Central's Indie Horror Month Coming This March - John Carpenter!

With 2012 already being a few weeks in and the month of March sneaking up on us rather quickly, we thought it might be fun to give you guys a taste of what you can expect from Dread Central's Indie Horror Month celebration when it kicks off on March 1st.

Happy Holidaze 2011 From Dread Central

And here we are again. Another holiday season that puts the greatest exclamation point on the year that we could ever have hoped for. Thank you sincerely for making 2011 a banner year for us.

Holiday Fun Dread Central Style!

Ah yes, kids! It's in the air. Everyone's just a little happier and smiling just a bit more. Festive decor lines the streets, we've been spiking our eggnog since Tuesday, and I'm finally done adding glitter and paint to my testicles (one red, one green) so I can dangle them like mistletoe anywhere I can that won’t involve me getting thrown into jail for the weekend.

CONTEST CLOSED! WIN a $500 Gift Card! Dread Central and Full Moon Features' Happy Horrordays Contest!

Want something SCARY for the holidays? Here it is, kids! The answer to your prayers and the biggest horror-themed holiday giveaway you'll see this year! Strap in! It's time for Dread Central and Full Moon Features' Happy Horrordays Contest!

Night Terrors Finds a Home at Dread Central After Being Banned Elsewhere

I love this story! Chris St. Croix and David Buchert are the co-creators of a new web series entitled Night Terrors. They've had the first episode, "The Keeper", taken down from several sites around the internet for containing "objectionable content". Well, the boys contacted Dread Central with their conundrum, and (being the fans of objectionable content that we are) we said, "Boys, you've got a home."

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

The most filling day of the year is now upon us once again, but before we pack it in and start gorging, we feel it's important to acknowledge what we are most thankful for here at Dread Central.