Siren Blood Curse

First Impressions of Siren: Blood Curse

Yesterday Sony released Siren: Blood Curse in the States, and I’ve managed to play through a couple of the episodes. Due to the really rather bizarre fashion in which it’s been released, I want to give some quick impressions to help you guys make up your minds.

More Siren: Blood Curse Footage

We've seen the Japanese trailer for Siren: Blood Curse (or Siren: New Translation as it's known there), but now we have the trailer focusing on the perspective of the American characters wrapped up in events, rather than the Japanese ones.

Siren Blood Curse Covers Europe

While we’d been guessing it would be the case, PS3 Fanboy discovered via a disc of assets given to them by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe that the new Siren reimagining will be released outside of Japan, heading into Europe this summer, and presumably coming to America around the same time.