Lionsgate Bringing More Horrors Home: Siren, Highlander, and Virus X

As 2010 draws to a close, Lionsgate is busy polishing up its DVD and Blu-ray slate for 2011 with the release of two new terrors as well as an old classic which there can be only one of! Virus X - February 1st

Fear the Call of Siren - Early Art and Trailer

No, not the PS2 or even PS3 game! Although they are pretty damned cool. We're talking Andrew Hull's new thriller that's being described as The Descent and Open Water meet Dead Calm. Okay. That is enough for us! We are in!

Siren Blood Curse Covers Europe

While we’d been guessing it would be the case, PS3 Fanboy discovered via a disc of assets given to them by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe that the new Siren reimagining will be released outside of Japan, heading into Europe this summer, and presumably coming to America around the same time.

Sound the Sirens! A Trailer Approaches!

Sony has just released a trailer of the new Siren game, revealing some very striking graphics, some great music and lots of Silent Hill-esque overtones. Seems like this supposed remake is going the route of The Grudge, inserting a few American characters into the horrible events taking place in Japan, and based on the combination of English and Japanese dialogue, it’s something I hope they don’t change.

Siren Remake Stumbles Out of Nowhere...

Siren was a pretty unique little horror game. Released on the PS2, the game had a Ju-On- esque structure and a gameplay dynamic that let you “sight jack”; in other words you could see what other people, or in fact, the monsters roaming around the Japanese landscapes could see. Rather than focusing on combat, the game focused on stealth, so the ability to know exactly what someone else was looking at was pretty useful.