Sion Sono

First Stills - Sion Sono's New Slasher Film: Cold Fish

Director Sion Sono (Strange Circus, Love Exposure, Suicide Club) is back with a new film which has been described as "a true-life serial killer story". Ready to sample the your first taste of Cold Fish?

Suicide Club Director to Hit Us With a Cold Fish

There are lots of things happening at this year's European Film Market show which is taking place now in Berlin, one of the most exciting of which is the announcement of the new film from the man who brought us some of the most surreal bits of cinema ever with Strange Circus, Love Exposure and Suicide Club director Sion Sono.

Exte, Dream Disc Details

Over the weekend the boys at Fangoria got the first look at the art for two of the weirdest J-horror films I’ve seen in a long time: Suicide Club helmer Sion Sono’s latest, Exte: Hair Extensions (review), and Higuchinsky’s Long Dream.

Exte: Hair Extensions (2007)

Reviewed by Evil Andy Starring Chiaki Kuriyama, Ren Osugi, Megumi Sato, Tsugumi Directed by Sion Sono