Six Slays of Christmas 2012 - Day Four

With the Mayan scare behind us, we can finally focus on the holiday season completely. And for you doomsdayers out there… Wrong again! The next film in the Slays of Christmas collection was recommended by none other than The Woman in Black herself: the Dutch holiday nightmare Sint.

FEARnet Announces Its December Holiday Programming Schedule

Wondering where you can get your holiday horror TV fix? FEARnet is the place to be! Read on for all of the network's December highlights, which include a "Tales from the Crypt" marathon on New Year's Eve!

In the UK? Attend a Special Grimm Xmas Screening of Rare Exports and Saint on December 16th!

Horror fans have two new Christmas classics to watch this holiday season in the form of Jalmari Helander's Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale and Dick Maas' Saint (aka Sint or Saint Nick). If you happen to live in or around Manchester, England, you have a chance to watch them both on the big screen this December 16th thanks to the folks at Grimm Up North. Read on for more details.

Holiday Slasher Sint Gets a DVD Date and a New Title: Saint Nick!

Dick Maas’ yuletide slasher Sint (review here) stirred up quite a bit of controversy when it was released in its home country, the Netherlands. Just looking at the DVD artwork with the new Americanized title, I fully expect to hear about some angry American parents after they mistakenly pick this one up for their kiddies.

Sitges 2011: New Films Added Including The Thing as the Closing Movie

The 2011 Sitges Film Festival, held 6-16 October on the Catalan coast of Spain, is finalizing its lineup, which now includes Francis Ford Coppola's Twixt, Kevin Smith's Red State, and the return of Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, who will be presenting their new piece Livide. In addition, The Thing (2011) has been named as the closing movie.

Get Blessed by Three Clips from Saint

While Rare Exports stole the majority of the Yuletide terrors attention (and rightly so), we're also big fans of the Santa slasher flick Sint (Saint), if only for the Black Peters. Man, that sounded weird. In any event three new clips are waiting for you! Dig 'em!

Event Report: Film4 FrightFest 2011

As the holiest range of dates in the British horror fanatic’s calendar now consigns itself to history, so too do the memories of this year’s Film4 FrightFest (Thursday 25 August to Monday 29 August). As usual, Dread Central was on the scene to bring you insight into the machinations of the UK’s biggest horror film festival. Read on for the details and a sample of our huge forthcoming image gallery!

Sint (Saint) (2011)

Starring Huub Stapel, Egbert Jan Weeber, Caro Lenssen, Christopher Parren, Bert Luppes Written and directed by Dick Maas

Tribeca 2011: Dick Maas Talks Saint (Sint)

Saint or Sint, the new action/horror hybrid slasher flick from Dutch director Dick Maas, had its North American premiere earlier this week at the Tribeca Film Fest.

IFC Nabs Rights To Dutch Slasher Flick, Saint

Slasher movies are awesome. And while I find that the vast majority of new ones leave a lot to be desired when compared to their superior 80s counterparts, I'm always glad to see someone take a, ahem, stab at creating something new. From the Press Release

CONTEST CLOSED! In the NYC Area? Dread Central is Sending YOU to Tribeca!

The Tribeca Film Festival is upon us, and there's lots of horror to be found oozing out of the big dance. Since we know how much you love stuff that oozes, we have your chance to win a pair of tickets to the premieres of several different films!

Tribeca 2011: New Stills and Screening Info for Sint (Saint)

As we mentioned yesterday, with the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival starting on April 20th, over the next couple of days we'll be providing updated info and screening dates/times for all the genre films playing at the fest. On tap for today we have two new stills and the schedule for the Dutch film Sint (or Saint). Synopsis:

Tribeca 2011: Sint (Saint) Shows Up Bearing Gifts ... and Some New Stills

We've been talking about the Dutch film Sint (or Saint) for a while now, and thanks to the fact that it's having its North American premiere at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival, a fresh batch of stills have come out way. Synopsis:

The Horrors of Tribeca 2011

Tribeca, New York City's biggest and brightest film festival, is gearing up to shine its spotlight on this year's crop of killer films, and we've got the heads-up on their genre offerings for you! Dig it! From the Press Release

Sint is One Santa Looking to Give the Gift of Death While Slashing Records

Remember all that hubbub about Silent Night, Deadly Night here in the States when it first came out? Parents were up in arms because it had a killer dressed as Santa Claus. Ah, stupidity! How we love when you rear your head! The Dutch seem to have no such problems. In fact their new killer Christmas flick Sint is breaking records overseas.