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Toby Whithouse Talks Being Human (UK) Series 4 Casting Changes, Episode Titles, and More

With its January 16th second season premiere date looming, we've been focusing on Syfy's version of "Being Human", but the original UK show on which it's based is about to debut its fourth series on BBC3 later this month, and creator Toby Whithouse has fired up his blog to pass on a few tidbits of what we can expect. In addition, we've come across the titles of all eight Series 4 episodes, which we're happy to share.

Russell Tovey Leaving BBC Three's Being Human

There we were, enjoying our Saturday morning coffee and catching up with Twitter, when we saw a tweet from Russell Tovey, one of the stars of the UK version of "Being Human", saying that he's leaving the show. First Mitchell, now George?!? Talk about ruining your weekend! Anyway, read on for the sad, but true details.

Watch the First Five Minutes of Being Human Season 3 Episode 1

This Saturday night, February 19th, "Being Human" returns to BBC America with Episode 1 of season three, and if you just can't wait for its debut, here are the first five minutes during which Mitchell enters Purgatory to look for Annie but finds himself amidst the ruins of his own past sins...

BBC America's Being Human Season 3 Kicks Off Next Month

As avid fans of the original "Being Human" from the UK, we're happy to see the show come back for its third season of ghostly, vampiric, snarling mayhem. If you're busy enjoying the Syfy Americanized version, believe us; you need to track down the source material. It's even better. From the Press Release

Release Date for BBC's Being Human Series 3; New Character Photos; Tour the New Set

Our British brethren got some good news this week as BBC Three finally unveiled the release date for "Being Human" Series 3: Sunday 23rd January 2011. To celebrate, we have some new character photos along with a video of Sinead Keenan (Nina) providing a tour of "Honolulu Heights" - the quartet's new digs.

Go Behind the Scenes of the New Trailer for BBC Three's Being Human

We won't be seeing it here in the States until sometime in the spring, but UK fans of BBC Three's "Being Human" will be treated to the third season of the show shortly. And to help build the anticipation, we have a look at the Series 3 trailer along with a behind-the-scenes making-of video.

Video Chats with Being Human's Lenora Crichlow and Sinead Keenan

If you haven't been watching Season Two of "Being Human" on BBC America, you're really missing out. We're halfway through the eight-episode storyline already, but thanks to On Demand, you should be able to catch up. For those who have been watching, we've got video chats with Lenora Crichlow and Sinead Keenan to help get you geared up for the rest of the season.