Simon Boyes

Blogging Turns Deadly in Fear Followers

The filmmaking duo of Adam Mason and Simon Boyes have been carving out a name for themselves within the community in the last several years, scripting and directing films like Blood River and The Devil's Chair. Up next, they bring us a horror story for the internet age, and we've got the scoop for ya today!

Not Safe For Work Safe for DVD in April

Word has come today that Joe Johnston's Not Safe for Work is going to be headed straight to video come this April. Read on for details and of course the artwork, which incidentally is completely safe for work.

Jason Blum Sets the Record Straight on Not Safe for Work

Yesterday we told you that Joe Johnston's Not Safe for Work was going to be headed straight to video. The news came from an interview the LA Times did with producer Jason Blum that made things sound kind of grim. Apparently that's not the case at all.

Not Safe for Work Not Safe for Theatrical Run

It's been a long time since we heard anything regarding Joe Johnston's new flick for Universal, Not Safe for Work, but finally there's a little bit of news. It's not great news, but at least it's something. Read on for details.

Paramount Insurge to Celebrate the Equinox

Paramount's low budget division, Insurge, is getting ready to take off into hyper space with its first sci-fi themed flick known for now as Equinox. Don't worry, kids; this isn't a remake of the weirdo cult classic. It's a beast of a different kind.

Three More Actors Are Not Safe for Work - JJ Feild, Tom Gallop, and Christian Clemenson

Another three actors have jumped aboard Joe Johnston's new flick for Universal, Not Safe for Work, and we've got all the latest details for you right here on tap. Dig it!

Max Minghella and Eloise Mumford Are Not Safe For Work

Some quick casting news coming in for Captain America director Joe Johnston's latest flick, Not Safe For Work, and as per usual we have the skinny on tap for you. Check it out!

Universal and Joe Johnston Are Not Safe for Work

A new thriller is on its way from the director of Captain America, and we have the scoop for you right here. Read on for all of the - hopefully - gory details.

Trailer for Devil's Chair!

From what I’ve seen of Adam Mason’s The Devil’s Chair, this is a movie that’s going to disgust and offend a lot of people when it finally gets out there. Which is all right because when a movie does that to you, you never really forget it.