Sigourney Weaver

Richard Lewis Bites Back in Vamps

Comedy is said to be the perfect compliment to horror. Personally? I disagree. I like my horror serious and insane, but alas, I'm in the minority. A new cast member has signed on to Amy Heckerling's horror comedy Vamps that is sure to get some laughs in between all the biting!

Sigourney Weaver Flashes Red Lights for Rodrigo Cortés

Even though Rodrigo Cortés' first film, Buried, isn't even out of the proverbial gate yet, that hasn't stopped Hollywood from banging on the director's door. Looks like his next project is right around the corner as he already has one of his leading ladies!

More Ghostbusters 3 Chatter -- Reitman Out?

Okay, so rumors and news about the possible Ghostbusters 3 movie have been cluttering up the Internet for almost a year now. With the exception of Ivan Reitman being named as the film's director if it ever does get made, all the news has pretty much amounted to nothing more than lip service. And now it appears as if we won't even have the one story to cling to. Sigh.

Sigourney Weaver Queen of the Vamps! Where Do We Sign Up to be Bitten?

In our genre the ever attractive Sigourney Weaver has done it all. Fought aliens. Busted ghosts. Now she's taking on the role of a Queen Vampire in Amy Heckerling's horror comedy Vamps.

Ghostbusters 3 in 3D? How About 4D So the Audience Can Get Slimed?

Not only are they "ready to believe you" but they're also ready to pop off of the screen and into your laps! A younger hornier Bill Murray would surely have approved of such a notion!

Ghostbusters 3 Director Confirmed!

Finally, after months of speculation and "news" that turned out to be just rumors and wishful thinking, the long-awaited third installment in the much beloved Ghostbusters franchise is moving forward with a director in place and confirmation that plans are to start shooting it this year.

Ghostbusters 3 Shooting this Coming Summer?

It's that time of the week again. You know it well by now. Yep, some new "news" has broken about Ghostbusters 3 that further teases hopeful fans.

Sigourney Weaver Talks Ghostbusters 3 ... Again

It was only a matter of time before someone confronted Sigourney Weaver about her loose-lipped Ghostbusters 3 activity. So, what gives? Is Murray a ghost or not?

Sigourney Weaver Talks Ghostbusters 3: HUGE Spoiler!

While out promoting Avatar, Sigourney Weaver dropped some fairly big spoilers concerning the eternally upcoming Ghostbusters 3. Looks like one buster will be spending most of his screen time on the other side!

Weaver Not Back for Ghostbusters 3?

It’s funny; all the reporting we did about a return to the Ghostbusters series, the news that all four of the original cast members would return for a third movie and our overwhelming excitement for it all, I don’t remember it ever being mentioned if Sigourney Weaver would have a place in the new installment.

Sigourney Weaver Talking Ghostbusters 3 and Alien 5

Every now and again news comes along that brings a smile to my face. Genre legend and still smokin' hot Sigourney Weaver has been doing a little talking lately about two projects that are near and dear to every horror fan's heart: Ghostbusters 3 and Alien 5!