Sid Haig

Sid Haig Attending the Mimesis Premiere in Michigan this October!

Attention residents of Port Huran, Michigan: Mark your calendars for October 7th, as that's the date of the U.S. red carpet premiere of Mimesis at the Blue Water Film Festival in your hometown. Confirmed for the event is Sid Haig, one of the film's stars.

Creature: Video Series Part 3 - Making the Monster

Today we finally get to the soul of Creature (review here) so to speak, with some behind-the-scenes videos in which the filmmakers talk about what goes into the making of the monster. Go check it out below.

Creature (2011)

Starring Mehcad Brooks, Serinda Swan, Sid Haig, Amanda Fuller, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Daniel Bernhardt Directed by Fred M. Andrews

Creature: Video Series Part 2 - Meet the Filmmakers

Today we have more behind-the-scenes videos from the movie Creature for you to check out, and this time we get to hear from the ambitious filmmakers themselves. So dig on the goods below and let them tell you all about it.

Creature: Video Series Part 1 - Enter the Swamp!

Ready for a quick look at the independently made and eponymous creature feature that showcases Sid Haig and a swamp monster in a showdown? Yeah, we are, too! So we did some digging and got our claws into several behind-the-scenes videos by the filmmakers themselves! Pull up a chair, dreadheads; it's time to learn a bit more about Creature.

A Sneak Peek of the Companion TV Special for Creature

Creature, opening in theaters on September 9 and starring Mehcad Brook, Serinda Swan, and Sid Haig, will have a companion 30-minute TV special called "Anatomy of a Creature" that will air from this Sunday, August 28, up until the theatrical release date in markets around the US.

A Quartet of Creature Clips Ready to Consume You!

Sid Haig and a swamp monster. There's really not a whole hell of a lot else we need to be sold on the upcoming flick Creature, but in case you need a bit more persuading, we've lined up four clips for you to dig on!

Creature Image Gallery Filled with Practical Goodness

We don't know about you guys, but we are really looking forward to the upcoming monster mash Creature. Hell, if only because it features Sid Haig and a guy in a rubber monster suit! Bring it on!

The Infliction Is A Psychological Horror Flick WIth An All-Star Cast

There's no shortage of horror 'names' in Matthan Harris' The Infliction that's for sure. We've also got an early look at the film's trailer waiting for you inside.

New Official Trailer for Practical FX Bonanza, Creature

A new trailer is here for the indie feature Creature that features a pissed off and rather toothy swamp monster on the rampage. Really, do you need to know anything more than just that? Get to watching!

Exclusive: Jesse Dayton Talks Zombex; Production Stills Debut!

Musician Jesse Dayton may be best known to genre fans as “Captain Clegg,” the front man to the psychobilly band seen in Rob Zombie’s Halloween II, as he not only performed under the moniker in the film but also was the opening act on Zombie’s music tour that kicked off later that year as well.

Creature Proves Blood is Blood and Gets a New One-Sheet and Trailer

What's in a name? Apparently a lot as the latest movie about a badass swamp monster getting ready to maim everyone in its way is up to moniker number three, but it looks as if this one will be sticking!

Dread Central Invading the Saturday Nightmares Horror & Sci-Fi Expo

Hey, kids! Do you love your horror sumthin’ fierce? Are you lookin’ for a place to mingle amongst your fellow fiends and bask in the warm, green glow of famous zombies and assorted masters of horror? Well then, Saturday Nightmares is the place for you! This June 3rd-5th, the Sheraton Meadowlands Hotel in East Rutherford, NJ, goes to HELL...and plays host to horror’s elite.

Lots of Horror Names Sing Their Cares Away in Zombex

What goes together better than zombies and music? Nothing! Though a bullet and Bin Laden's left eye is a close second. In any event word has just broken about a new tune-driven flick that's filled with tons of horror icons! Read on for the details.

Guest List Filling Out for Saturday Nightmares Horror & Sci-Fi Expo

Up-and-coming convention Saturday Nightmares, which runs this June 3-5, 2011, in East Rutherford, NJ, has quite an impressive lineup. From a live screening of The Birds with star Tippi Hedren to a Martin screening with John Amplas to Barbara Steele introducing The Pit and the Pendulum, it has a little something for everyone.