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Michael Shamus Wiles Flipping Pizzas for Rob Zombie in The Lords of Salem

And the cast of Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem continues to grow bigger and bigger. Just like The Blob! Remember when he was supposed to remake that? Read on for the latest and greatest.

The Lords of Salem - More Behind-the-Scenes with Rob Zombie

For you people out there who must see and account for everything, we've got two new behind-the-scenes images for the next film from rocker turned filmmaker Rob Zombie, The Lords of Salem. Strike your fancy? Check 'em out!

Iconic Actor Clint Howard in The Lords of Salem?

Even though we've gotten an endless barrage of casting news and updates over the last few months for writer/director Rob Zombie's upcoming flick The Lords of Salem, it seems as though one cast member may have hopped aboard under the radar.

Former Child Star Brandon Cruz Joins The Lords of Satan

Nope, Rob Zombie's not done yet adding to his already eclectic cast for the upcoming The Lords of Satan. The newest addition? Former child TV star Brandon Cruz, better known to many of us of a certain age as "Eddie".

Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem Starts Shooting in L.A.

Well, that didn't take very long now, did it? Just yesterday we told you that production on Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem was packing up for California, and now the first shots from the set in L.A. have arrived!

Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem Pack Up for California

And that's a wrap on Rob Zombie's next film, The Lords of Salem. At least in Salem anyway. The flick is done shooting on location and is headed for warmer weather and far greener pastures.

Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem Go to Church

Well, not really. We don't imagine they're much for religion. However, we do have yet another behind-the-scenes shot from the flick for you of the church used in the movie as a location. Check it out.

Latest Lords of Salem Imagery Offers Directions

Feeling a little lost? Need some direction? No worries, kids! Rob Zombie is here to guide you along your way with the latest imagery from his new film, The Lords of Salem! Check it out!

First Stills, One-Sheet and Trailer - The Infliction

A new genre flick is on its way with some very familiar faces, and we've got all of the information you need to get you excited including stills, a one-sheet, and even a teaser trailer. Dig it!

Rob Zombie Gets Our Goat in Latest Images from The Lords of Salem

Once again Rob Zombie is proving that no one needs a PR team when they have Facebook as he's just posted a couple of new images from his currently filming The Lords of Salem that are sure to get your goat! Check 'em out!

Patricia Quinn Sees the Future of Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem

Just when you thought the casting news for Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem had come to an end, the rocker turned filmmaker pulls another trick out of his already weighty bag.

The Lords of Salem: Artwork for Film-Within-the-Film Frankenstein Versus The Witchfinder; Behind-the-Scenes Photos

You have to hand it Rob Zombie. When it comes to creating alternate worlds within his films, he takes that shit seriously! Case in point: the debut of artwork for film-within-the-film Frankenstein Versus The Witchfinder from his upcoming Lords of Salem. Along with that we also have a few behind-the-scenes peeks at what's been transpiring on the set these past 19 days.

Sid Haig Hunting Witches in Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem

We've been hoping. We've been praying. And finally the announcement has come. The Captain himself has joined the ranks of Rob Zombie's ensemble cast for The Lords of Salem, and we're tickled friggin' pink!

Creature's Box Office Debacle Makes News on ABC's Nightline; Director Derides Film's Critics

Here I was planning to do a story posting this past Friday night’s “Nightline” segment about Creature’s box office apocalypse when I find out the film’s director did an interview lashing out at every online critic that didn’t like his movie in a way not seen since Uwe Boll’s famous online tirade following the release of House of the Dead.

Exclusive Interview: Writer Tracy Morse Talks Creature, Upcoming Projects and More!

This weekend indie monster movie Creature hit 1,500 theaters nationwide, which, for better or for worse, is a pretty magnificent feat regardless. Starring Mehcad Brooks, Serinda Swan, Amanda Fuller, Dillon Casey, Lauren Schneider, Aaron Hill, Daniel Bernhardt, and Sid Haig, Creature (review here) is centered around a group of friends on a road trip in New Orleans who have the misfortune of meeting "Lockjaw," a fabled half-man/half-alligator during their travels.