Sid Haig

More Behind-the-Scenes Lords of Salem Goodness - Zombie's Angels!

Rob Zombie posted a new behind-the-scenes image from his latest film, The Lords of Salem, recently, showing off himself with some of the classy ladies looking to bewitch you soon! Dig it!

Creature Rampaging on VOD Now!

It really takes a special kind of something to screw up a simple formula like that found in Creature. Yet it happened and on a infamously historic level. Wanna see what all the hubbub is about? Now you can. If you dare.

Exclusive New Images from The Infliction

Writer/director/producer/star Matthan Harris has provided Dread Central with an exclusive batch of photos from his new film The Infliction. Recently interviewed as part of DC's "Texas Frightmakers" series, Harris is wrapping up post-production on the film as we speak. He hopes to have the remaining work completed in time for a May premiere.

Get Bewitched by New Images from Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem

We've already seen dozens of behind-the-scenes moments and stills from Rob Zombie's upcoming flick The Lords of Salem, but one thing we haven't seen are the witches themselves. That changes now.

Exclusive Photo of Sid Haig from Devil in My Ride

Earlier this week we got the first word on Gary Michael Schultz's horror comedy road trip movie Devil in My Ride, and today we have an exclusive look at Sid Haig with Joey Bicicchi from the film.

Sid Haig Puts a Devil in My Ride

Any day we get to talk about Sid Haig being in a new horror flick is a good day indeed. So what's up next for the Captain, you ask? Read on for the first details and trailer for Devil in My Ride.

Lobster Joe is Jackin' It in Latest Lords of Salem Still

There's just something about seeing a clown-like character simulating masturbation that brings a truly perverse smile to our faces. Will it have the same affect on you?

Texas Frightmakers: Interview with Matthan Harris

Texas is a strange, strange place. Most horror fans think about chainsaws when you say the name Texas around them, and that's not a huge stretch from the truth. Bigger than many nations, Texas contains every variety of landscape and community found elsewhere in the US. It also contains no small amount of weirdness and weirdos. Inspired by the Texas Frightmakers panels at last year's Texas Frightmare Weekend as well as my love for my adopted home, I'm proud to introduce a series of monthly interviews called Texas Frightmakers.

Things Get Hairy for Sid Haig in Latest Lords of Salem Imagery

Here at Dread Central we love us some Sid Haig. The man is a cinema legend in every single sense of the word, and when he and Rob Zombie get together, horror magic happens. Get your first look at the Captain himself as he has witch hunting on the brain (along with another thing keeping his head toasty)!

Toothy New Creature DVD Art

Life has a funny way of turning things around. For the last few days I've been getting chastised for thinking that The Devil Inside was a decent little flick. Everywhere I turn I've been getting browbeaten. That's okay though. I have no problem taking my lumps and I stand by my words no matter what. Still, it's been kind of taxing, but then ... then I see a DVD cover that just brings a smile back to my face.

Michael Berryman on a Witch Hunt in New Lords of Salem Imagery

It's been a while, but a new image from Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem had made its way online, this time showing off one half of the infamous witch hunting duo known as "The Brothers", Michael Berryman.

Rob Zombie Shows Off The Lords of Salem's Implements of Destruction

Where did he get those wonderful toys!?!? That's the first thing that popped into our minds once we got a gander at the latest behind-the-scene shot from Rob Zombie via his Facebook page. Take a look!

Creature Set to Rise from its Financial Sinkhole onto DVD

The plan to release Creature (review here) on 1,500 movie screens will go down as one of the most ill-conceived and costly mistakes in film distribution history. Grossing a miserable $331,000 on its opening weekend and earning the dubious distinction of being the worst 1,500-screen or more movie release in history, the producers had better hope the March DVD release is met with greater fanfare. Or should I say any fanfare?

New Lords of Salem Image Tokes Up

A new image from Rob Zombie's highly anticipated next flick, The Lords of Salem, has made its way online via Zombie's Facebook page, and it comes with a couple of interesting updates. Read on for full details.

See the Light in New Behind-the-Scenes Imagery from Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem

Time for another behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming flick from rocker turned filmmaker Rob Zombie, who's been keeping a steady stream of goodies for The Lords of Salem coming ever since it began filming. Dig it.