Sick Girl

RIP: John McGarr

The loss of life can be all the more tragic when the reason behind a loved one being taken from us is absolutely senseless. Such is the case with up and coming actor/producer John McGarr.

Synapse Films to Release Sick Girl

It’s always exciting when there’s another release from Synapse Films to look forward to. Their stuff is consistently high quality, and their catalogue is loaded with hidden gems that other companies wouldn’t normally touch. And while I’m still scarred from watching Let Me Die a Woman, I continue to anticipate each and every release. So it’s with excitement that I talk about their latest disc, Sick Girl.

Header & Sick Girl DVD Updates

Though they may take a very, very long time to get the films out there, you really can’t deny that it’s more than worth the wait for anything Synapse Films does these days. Their years-in-the-making DVD of Home Sick is the latest example, and recently president Don May, Jr. talked about two more upcoming releases that I’m sure will prove my point.

Sick Girl (2008)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Starring Leslie Andrews, John McGarr, Charlie Trepany, Stephen Geoffreys Directed by Eben McGarr

Synapse Films Gets Sick Girl

It’s odd; I have had a copy of Sick Girl in my hands since it got such a good reaction at the last Fear Fest, but I’ve yet to actually sit down with it yet. My plan was to do so tonight, which may have inspired the good news Twitch learned today.