Actor/Hip-Hop Artist Mos Def Signs on for Dexter Season Six

Hot on the heels of the news that Colin Hanks has joined the cast of "Dexter" as a recurring character comes word that hip-hop artist turned actor Mos Def has also finalized a deal for a multi-episode arc during the sixth season of the series.

UPDATED: Dexter Season 6 Casting News: Colin Hanks Joins Series for Major Story Arc

A few days ago we got word on some upcoming characters to be on the lookout for in Season Six of Showtime's "Dexter", and now comes news of another cast member who's signed on for a major story arc: none other than Colin (son of Tom) Hanks.

First Teaser for Dexter Season Six

We're not too sure of the direction in which Season Six of Showtime's "Dexter" is heading, but one thing's for sure thanks to the new teaser the network has unveiled: This fall, hell breaks loose!

First News on Dexter Season 6

Yes, the last season of "Dexter" left a bit to be desired, but we're hoping the gang can pull it together for the show's sixth season. Speaking of which, some new info surrounding said season has just hit online.

Showtime to Give Us Something to Chew On

Let's face it; as much as we love "Dexter", the series is just not as sharp as it once was. Blame John Lithgow for a season that could never be topped in terms of quality and intensity. That being said, Showtime has another genre series on the horizon for us.

Watch the Hilarious Dexter in 60 Seconds

Sometimes we just can't wait for the WTF Friday Video of the Week to share cool stuff with you guys. On tap for today we have Landline TV's "Dexter in 60 Seconds", a nearly perfect summing up of Showtime's popular series "Dexter".

Dexter Gets a New Showrunner

Though I dug it myself, a lot of fans were upset about this season of the hit Showtime series "Dexter". Maybe some new blood is in order to keep things interesting again? Apparently Showtime thinks so, too.

Guest Star Julia Stiles and Showrunner Chip Johannessen Reflect on Dexter Season Five

The fifth season of Showtime's "Dexter" came to an end last night, and reactions have been mixed to say the least. Some were disappointed while others (like yours truly) were satisfied overall. Chiming in with their reflections are both showrunner Chip Johannessen and this season's primary guest star, Julia Stiles.

Dexter Officially Renewed! Two Preview Clips from Season Five Finale - The Big One!

We knew it was coming, but still, it's always good to have official confirmation, and today Showtime released the news that "Dexter" has been picked up for a sixth season. What better way to celebrate than by watching two preview clips from the fifth season finale, entitled "The Big One"?

Dexter Season Six Getting Ready to be Officially Tied to the Table

Though it took a while to get cooking, the latest season of the Showtime hit series "Dexter" is totally reaching a very intense boiling point, delivering some of the best TV on the air right now. Are you hungry for more?

Preview Clips of Dexter Episode 11 - Hop A Freighter

At the end of last night's episode of "Dexter", the relationship between Dexter and Lumen took a turn that most of us saw coming but still weren't quite ready for. And with just two episodes remaining in Season Five, we suspect a lot of things will be happening soon that the parties involved with aren't ready for either. With that said, here's a look at Episode 11, "Hop a Freighter".

Preview Clips of Dexter Episode 10 - In the Beginning

With just three episodes remaining in Season Six of "Dexter", things aren't looking so good for motivational speaker Jordan Chase, but then again, there's that pesky Stan Liddy snooping around Dexter and Lumen, which surely can't end well for any of them. Maybe these two clips from Episode 10, "In the Beginning", will shed a little light on things.

Preview Clips of Dexter Episode 9 - Teenage Wasteland; Behind-the-Scenes with Chip Johannessen

Hard to believe there are only four more episodes left of "Dexter" Season Five, but the way things have been heating up for our favorite serial killer and his protégé, we expect this season to go out on a major high. Here are two clips from the upcoming Episode 9, "Teenage Wasteland", along with a new behind-the-scenes chat with showrunner Chip Johannessen.

Preview Clips of Dexter Episode 8 - Take It

Those who were worried that this season of "Dexter" might be taking a slight backseat to the stellar Season 4 should be sighing with relief about now thanks to the great job being done by both the series regulars and the numerous guest stars, in particular Julia Stiles. And it looks like Episode 8, "Take It", is going to continue the high quality seen thus far.

AFM 2010: A Serbian Film Gets US Distro and More!

The "feel good movie of the century", A Serbian Film, has caused quite a stir around the world during its festival run, and ever since word starting spreading about how crazed this flick is, we've been wondering how, or even if, it would get distro here in the States. Wonder no more.