#SDCC14: Penny Dreadful Season 1 Heading to Blu-ray/DVD in October

One bit of news from SDCC that almost slipped under our radar is that Showtime original series Penny Dreadful: Season One will be released on Blu-ray/DVD on October 7th. It you're looking to add a bit of Victorian intrigue to your Halloween season, read on for the details!

Penny Dreadful: More About Season 2 and its Villain; Full #SDCC14 Events Schedule

As Comic-Con ramps up, the Television Critics Association's summer 2014 press tour is winding down, and a tidbit of news has come out about "Penny Dreadful" Season 2's big bad along with full details on the show's SDCC signings and contest to attend the post-panel party.

#SDCC14: Penny Dreadful Headlining a Panel on July 25th

Earlier today we announced some of the major horror TV panels at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, and now we have another series to add to our list. Beyond headlining a panel on July 24th, "Penny Dreadful" is also branding the lanyards worn by all attendees!

Get an Inside Look at the Penny Dreadful Season Finale Episode 1.08 - Grand Guignol

Opinions seem to be mixed with regard to how the first season of "Penny Dreadful" ended this past weekend, but if you're anxious to learn more, then check out this inside look at Episode 1.08, "Grand Guignol," with creator and executive producer John Logan.

Showtime Teases Penny Dreadful Season 2

We're still a few episodes behind on "Penny Dreadful," but if you're all caught up following last night's Season 1 finale and already looking forward to Season 2, Showtime has a treat for you! Check it out, and look for lots more soon on what's ahead next year.

Learn More about Victorian Era Consumption from this Penny Dreadful Behind-the-Scenes Video

Eva Green is getting most of the attention, but another "Penny Dreadful" actor is hitting it out of the park also: Billie Piper as Brona Croft. Sadly, Ms. Croft isn't well, and in this new video author/historian Matthew Sweet explores the history and effects of consumption.

New Images, Clips, and Preview of the Penny Dreadful Season Finale Episode 1.08 - Grand Guignol

The first season of "Penny Dreadful" is winding down next weekend, and we can't wait to see the latest incarnation of a "Grand Guignol"... "Dreadful" style!

Get to Know Professor Van Helsing in this Behind-the-Scenes Look at Penny Dreadful Episode 1.06

Episode 1.06 of "Penny Dreadful," entitled "What Death Can Join Together," brought us more time with Professor Van Helsing, played by David Warner. Now Showtime has released a new video in which we learn how he fits into the world created for the show.

New Images, Clips, and Preview of Penny Dreadful Episode 1.07 - Possession

With the title of "Possession," Episode 1.07 of "Penny Dreadful" looks to be heading even deeper into demonic territory, and we couldn't be happier! If you're ready to venture there along with us, here are several new stills, a pair of clips, and a preview of the ep.

Event Report: Penny Dreadful's Reeve Carney Talks Playing Dorian Gray, the 'Picture,' His Co-Stars, Bono, and Lots More

We recently joined 60 "Penny Dreadful" fans at an event that offered food, drink, music, and a screening of the latest episode complete with special guest Reeve Carney, who portrays the iconic Dorian Gray on the show.

Go Behind the Scenes of Penny Dreadful Episode 1.05 - Closer Than Sisters

A new behind-the-scenes video has come our way for this past Sunday night's "Penny Dreadful" Episode 1.05, "Closer than Sisters," in which creator and executive producer John Logan discusses Vanessa's (Eva Green) past and her relationship with Sir Malcolm (Timothy Dalton).

New Images, Clips, and Preview of Penny Dreadful Episode 1.06 - What Death Can Join Together

Are you caught up on Showtime's "Penny Dreadful"? With how jam-packed our weekend TV viewing is, we're still a few episodes behind, but if you're ready to look ahead, here are several new stills, a pair of clips, and a preview of Episode 1.06, " What Death Can Join Together."

Be Envious of this 4th Clip from Penny Dreadful Episode 1.05 - Closer Than Sisters

Showtime has shared yet another clip from this weekend's "Penny Dreadful" Episode 1.05, entitled "Closer Than Sisters," and the plot thickens as we learn that Vanessa envies Mina's courtship. Tune in to see what happens next!

Get Another Sneak Peek of Penny Dreadful Episode 1.05 - Closer Than Sisters

Showtime is rewarding fans of "Penny Dreadful" with an extra sneak peek of Sunday night's Episode 1.05, "Closer Than Sisters," in which Vanessa (Eva Green) recalls the events that lead to Mina's disappearance. Check it out here along with the ep's preview and two previously released clips.

Showtime Greenlights a Second Season for Penny Dreadful

If you're as big a fan of Showtime's "Penny Dreadful" as we are, this news should make your day: The network has picked up a second season of the critically acclaimed series. Read on for more details!