Short Stories

Enter the Twisted World of Tropes

Those of you who have been reading Dread Central for a while may recall seeing the byline Ryan "Plagiarize" Acheson, mostly on video game reviews. Well, Ryan left us some time ago to pursue other ventures, including following his dream of writing fiction, and as of today that dream has come to fruition. Prepare to enter the twisted world of Tropes.

Author Alan Draven Releases a New Collection: The Bitternest Chronicles

Working for Dread Central leaves me little time to read for pleasure, but one author I always make room for on my schedule is Alan Draven so I'm happy to pass on the news that he has a new book hitting the market: The Bitternest Chronicles, a collection of five previously published short stories and two brand new novellas.

Shroud (Magazine)

Reviewed by Elaine Lamkin Edited by Timothy P. Deal Published by Shroud Publishing

Read Stephen King's Short Story Premium Harmony

It's a good day for Stephen King fans. Along with our previous story in which the prolific scribe reads an except from his upcoming novel Under the Dome, his latest short story, "Premium Harmony", has appeared online in full for your reading pleasure.

Thirty Short Stories in Thirty Days

In celebration of the publication of his new book Frostbite, a tale of werewolves in the frozen north that hits stores October 6th, horror author David Wellington has a gift for you. Thirty little gifts, actually, sure to delight and enthrall. That is, if you dare to read them...

Hellbound Hearts Pays Homage to Clive Barker

Hellbound Hearts is one of the coolest literary projects happening in the horror genre right now. In fact, short of Barker getting off his bum and giving us the goddamn third book of the Art, there isn't much else that could get me this excited!

Stephen King's Daily "N"

It used to be Stephen King was a pretty easy guy to keep up with; he released a new book every few years, we’d do a story on it and eventually a review, then sit back and wait for the next project. Nowadays, though, it seems like King’s got way too much to keep up with.

Connolly, John (Dark Delicacies III: Haunted)

Back in 1999, a crime novel with a supernatural element to it was published to great fanfare. The book, Every Dead Thing by Irish-born author John Connolly, won several awards and introduced mystery/horror genre readers to former NYC cop Charlie "Bird" Parker, who recently lost his wife and