Short Films

Exclusive: Absentia Director Mike Flanagan Gearing Up for Next Feature Film - Oculus

With his film Absentia director Mike Flanagan permanently put himself on our radar by delivering an original horror flick that packed one hell of a punch. So the question beckons ... what's next?

Candy Shop, The (Short, 2010)

Reviewed by Mr. Dark Directed by: Brandon McCormick Starring: Doug Jones, Mattie Liptak

Behind-the-Scenes Clip from Night of the Little Dead

On the heels of coverage stemming from our set visit (read it here) to the short flick "Night of the Little Dead" and just prior to giving you an exclusive peek at the titular monster (stay tuned!), we thought we’d share with you this behind-the-scenes clip produced by Peter Podgursky.

Exclusive: Dread Visits the Set of Night of the Little Dead

Cinema has spent much time exploring ways in which to protect the ol’ noggin from unwanted noshing by the undead, but what of the more vertically challenged zombie? Dare we ask what body parts they may prefer?

The Key to Annabel Lee [A Woman in Triptych] Website Now Open

We've been talking about Staci Layne Wilson's upcoming short "The Key to Annabel Lee [A Woman in Triptych]" for a while now, and this week marks both the end of principal photography and the opening of the film's official website - on Edgar Allan Poe's birthday no less!

Sundance 2011: First Stills and Trailer from The Pact

There will be quite a few things going bump in the night during Park City, Utah's Sundance Film Festival, and we have a look at one of them for you. A ghostly tale known as The Pact. From the Press Release "In THE PACT, a young woman finds herself alone in the house of her late mother where an unsettling – and sinister – presence emerges.

Exclusive New Stills and a Quick Clip from The Key to Annabel Lee

Staci Layne Wilson's upcoming short film "The Key to Annabel Lee" has, in Staci's words, evolved into a form of "installation art", and to give us a better idea of what to expect, she's provided Dread Central with two new exclusive stills and a quick clip.

French Psychos Hunt Human Game on Safari

"Humans are such easy prey." Ever since we heard that phrase uttered in the horror classic From Beyond, it has managed to stick with us. Since then there have been a myriad of horror movies and otherwise that have the human hunting premise with Hostel being the most famous of the bunch.

The Key to Annabel Lee Teaser Trailer Now Live

We told you a few weeks ago about Staci Layne Wilson's upcoming short film "The Key to Annabel Lee", and now there's a teaser video online that shows off a little of what you can expect, which Staci has dubbed "the accidental trailer".

Trailer and Synopsis for Short Film Unearthed

More and more nowadays some of the best films we've seen are shorts. And "Unearthed" from Dalang Films is looking to be among the good ones.

Watch Drew Daywalt's New Holiday Short My Name Is Kris Kringle

By now you should be quite familiar with the name Drew Daywalt as he has established himself as one of the most prolific horror short filmmakers working in the business today. And now, just in time for Christmas, comes his latest endeavor: "My Name is Kris Kringle".

Principal Photography Wraps on Staci Layne Wilson's The Key to Annabel Lee

We knew from the wonders of Facebook and Twitter that Staci Layne Wilson is making the leap from journalism to filmmaking via her upcoming short film "The Key to Annabel Lee", and now that principal photography has wrapped, she's revealed some plot details and provided us with a few production stills.

Finally! Uncensored, Director's Cut Version of 30 Second to Mars Hurricane Short Film Now Available!

It took about three weeks, but finally the uncensored version of 30 Seconds to Mars' horror and sex themed short film "Hurricane" is available. Just beware that the video is decidedly NSFW due to the added graphic images of the director's cut.

Purtee, Ron (The Social Media Massacre)

The making of genre films (or even shorts) has long been something every fan dreamt of. For years it was something many filmmakers aspired to, but the technology was out of reach due to its exorbitant expense and inherent unavailability. Now, with high definition video cameras available at Best Buy and an open-door policy at online sites like YouTube, that dream isn’t so far off.

Mark Your Calendars for the 4th Annual Viscera Film Festival

It isn't often that you find a horror film festival focused on the female of the species, but that's exactly what the Viscera Film Festival does, and the fourth annual event will be taking place in Los Angeles this coming July 17th, 2011. And if you happen to be a female filmmaker, submissions are open now through February 28th.