Short Films

Inhale Deeply the Murderous Scent of the Velvet Rose

Know what's better than blood and boobs? The answer is simple! Boobs with blood on them! They go together perfectly like peanut butter and jelly! Rum and coke! Cheech and Chong! Hollywood and pointless big budget 3D conversions that just give us headaches while charging us more cash!

Trailer Debut - Alien Hijinx Abound in The Visitor

It happens all the time, man. You go to school to learn a profession. After years and years of practice, tests, and other bits of associated lunacy, you finally graduate and take your role amongst society as a doctor. Then one night, while you're at home, someone comes knocking with something that you've never seen before wrapped up in a sheet and bleeding.

Exclusive Night of the Little Dead Behind-the-Scenes Photos; Trailers Debut

This morning "Face/Off" reality television star and filmmaker/FX maestro Frank Ippolito chatted up his horror short Night of the Little Dead on KROQ’s "Kevin and Bean" radio show, so we thought it high time to bring you the first look at two new trailers for the film as well as a handful of exclusive monster-centric stills of the titular creature.

Garry Charles and Ron Purtee Team up for Inside

Garry Charles, author of Hammerhead: A Summer of Massacre, has joined forces with Ron Purtee, creator of The Social Media Massacre, and the dastardly duo have announced their upcoming film collaboration Inside.

Billy Crystal and Helen Mirren Prove that When Harry Met Sally 2 Really Sucks

We know exactly what you're thinking. "What in the name of all that is unholy is Dread Central doing covering a comedic short film based upon a possible sequel to the Billy Crystal hit When Harry Met Sally? Trust us. We didn't think we'd be covering it either; however, once you watch it, you'll totally understand.

SenoReality Update: Principal Photography Begins on New Short Rhino, Nailbiter Post-Production Continues

We heard from indie filmmaker Patrick Rea today with updates on two of his projects that we've been following: the upcoming short film "Rhino" and Rea's second feature film Nailbiter. He also included a few new stills from Nailbiter.

Sadist (Short, 2007)

Starring Michael R. Kureth, Rick Kelley, Charlie Ruckus Directed by Michael R. Kureth and Charlie Ruckus

The Weeping Woman Short and Soundtrack Set for World Premiere

On April 16th, 2011, Motor City Nightmares Film Festival will be the scene for the world premiere of the latest short film by award-winning director Mark Steensland, based on a short story by Paul Kane (The Hellraiser Films and Their Legacy and Hellbound Hearts).

The Ghosts Cause Teens to Have Fever Dreams

Got some time to kill? How about diggin' in for some good old fashioned short form horror in Eddie O'Keefe latest slice of the supernatural, The Ghosts?

Roid Rage (Short, 2011)

Starring Zach Canfield, John Carvalho, Ben Evans Written and Directed by Ryan Lightbourn

Exclusive: Danny DeVito Talks The Blood Factory and More

Known for his comedic turns in such features as Romancing the Stone and Throw Momma from the Train (among others) and on television for his roles in "Taxi" and the currently airing "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", it may come as a surprise to some that actor, comedian and Oscar-nominated producer Danny DeVito relishes in cinematic gore with the same vigor as he does laughter.

Tribeca 2011: First Details on Gerardo Herrero's Short Film Picnic

And the genre-themed pool at this year's Tribeca Film Festival has expanded by one with the US premiere of writer/director Gerardo Herrero's short film Picnic, which is described as "psychological" in nature.

Tribeca 2011: Trailer, Clip, and Stills from Short Film Year Zero

Info on another genre related entry in the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival, a short film entitled Year Zero, landed in our inbox today, so of course we are passing it on to you guys. Read on for the flick's very brief synopsis, some stills, the trailer, and even a clip.

Indie Horror Month: Dave Reda's Top Five Independent Horror Films

Writer/director/actor Dave Reda has made a name for himself over the last few years with his indie genre projects including Bit Parts and his most recent effort, Horror of Our Love (which screened recently as part of the Los Angeles Comedy Festival).

Indie Horror Month: Eric England's Top Five Independent Horror Shorts

Yesterday we heard from writer/director Eric England, who gave us a list of his five favorite independent horror features. Today we take a look at the up-and-coming indie director’s favorite genre shorts. Read on to see what short films have caught his eye over the years! 1. EL CICLO