Short Films

The First Trailer for Draugar Does Battle with the Dead

Norse mythology is rife with creatures that could easily be featured in their own films. Such is the case with the following short Draugar from director Paul Cotrulia and producer/writer Timothy Scott of Event Films.

Got the Post-Halloween Blues? Cure Them by Watching Horror Short The Graveyard Feeder!

As a token of his appreciation for the tremendous support his short film The Graveyard Feeder received during its festival run, director/co-writer Rich Robinson has posted it online in its entirety.

Horror Villains Gather for Conference Call in Hilarious Halloween Video

We all know what Michael Myers does on Halloween. But what do other iconic horror villains, like Freddy and Jason, do on the scariest damn day of the year? Surely it's not a day that would be wasted by people who kill for a living, right?

Spend Some of Your Halloween with the Children of the Witch

It's the season to be scary and watch horror movies! For us, though, it's like that 24/7/365, but damn it, that's how we like it. On tap right now is a new horror short you should focus your peepers on... Children of the Witch!

Screamfest 2013 Best Horror Short Luna Hits the Interwebs!

It took home the Skully Award for 'Best Short Film' at Screamest LA 2013, and now you can see writer and director Antonio Perez's film Luna for yourself! Read on!

Watch the Guillermo del Toro-Inspired Short Film Shhh

After screening globally in over 30 international film festivals, scooping up awards and acclaim, Freddy Chavez Olmos and Shervin Shoghian's short film Shhh has been released online, just in time for Halloween!

Tom Holland Brings His Twisted Tales to FEARnet

It's been a few years since we've seen any output from Tom Holland, the man behind films like Fright Night and Child's Play. That all changes on November 4th, when his new series Twisted Tales premieres on FEARnet. Read on for all the twisted details!

Exclusive: Watch John Fitzpatrick's Skypemare Now Only at Dread Central!

Here’s a little Halloween gift to our amazing readers: the online debut of the John Fitzpatrick-directed, Cerina Vincent-starring short film Skypemare! Don’t delay in watching it as this horrifying Skype session will end on November 1, 2013!

First Look at Stephen King's Gray Matter

Well, not his exact gray matter as that would require some type of macabre shenanigans. What we're talking about here is a new short film based upon the Stephen King yarn Gray Matter starring the always wonderful Larry Fessenden.

Screamfest LA 2013 Exclusive: Skypemare and The Summoners Premiere Photo Gallery

With Skypemare and The Summoners (among many other notable short films) having had their world premieres last night, October 14th, at the 13th annual Screamfest Film Festival, we were there to photograph the black carpet. Step inside to check out our photo gallery.

Adam Green and Friends Deliver Halloween Hugs!

It was 15 years ago that Adam Green formed his company ArieScope Pictures, which has brought us films like Hatchet and Frozen. In addition to the consistent feature film output from Green and his team, they've also been putting together special Halloween-themed short films each year.

October Spotlight: Exclusive Debut of Michael Sharpe's New Short Out of One's Misery

Last year talented filmmaker Michael Sharpe debuted an impressive short film with us. So when we heard he had another he wanted to launch here on Dread Central, all we could say was, "Hell yes!"

Screamfest LA 2013 Exclusive: Skypemare Gets a Poster

With filmmaker John Fitzpatrick's horror short Skypemare set to premiere October 14th in Los Angeles at the Screamfest Film Festival, we got our hands on the brand new poster art for the Cerina Vincent-starring flick.

October Spotlight: Director of Photography Karl Siemon Talks Grandpa, Razor Eaters, and Lots More

Karl Siemon is a DP you've almost heard of thanks to a "little" movie called Saw, but if you're a serious cult film fan, you should know him well thanks to an Aussie horror film entitled Razor Eaters (2003).

Mile High Horror Film Festival Short Film Bundle Now Available On Demand

Littleton, Colorado's Mile High Horror Film Festival is happening this weekend, and Devolver Digital Films has announced that a 75-minute bundle of ten horror shorts plucked from the fest is now available nationwide on VOD.