Short Films

The Infected Needs Help Spreading its Sickness

We told you about the horror project The Infected about a week or so ago, and the people behind it are now reaching out to the horror community to help get this thing out and infecting the masses.

Hellions Horror Video Contest - Winners Revealed!

We told you about the Hellions Horror Video Contest back in January. You read, followed orders, made movies and then voted. Now the time has come to reveal the winner. Read on for details.

Krueger - The Slasher from Elm Street Returns!

Filmmaker Chris R. Notarile is back with another entry into his web series that offers a backstory behind A Nightmare on Elm Street's most infamous dream demon. Check out Krueger - The Slasher from Elm Street right here, right now. This guy can totally slay the role of Freddy. Lord knows he has the look!

Slender Man Casts a Long Shadow in New The Eidolon State One-Sheet

The Freeze Frame Films team just put out another poster and video teaser for the short film The Eidolon State, which focuses on the haunting sensation that is Slender Man. Check 'em out, and look for more on this one soon!

Human Centipede Star Hires a Call Girl

A new short film has hit our radar that we think you cats should keep a close eye out for! On tap right now is your first look at Call Girl, a short film from Jill Sixx Gevargizian, starring Laurence R. Harvey (The Human Centipede II, The Human Centipede III) and Tristan Risk (American Mary, The Editor).

Nick Frost to Direct Horror Short

After spending many years in front of the camera with his cohorts Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, Nick Frost is about to make his way to the director's chair, and you'll never guess in what genre he's chosen to dabble! Well, then again, you're here so you probably already know. Oh, just shut up and read on!

New Short Film Unleashes The Infected

Here at Dread Central we pride ourselves on recognizing that the indie filmmaker is the future of our genre and should be given as much spotlight as anyone else. Ya just never know! On tap right now we have the first look at another short film headed our way called The Infected. Dig it!

Check Out Ron Purtee's Becoming Undead II

The bespectacled madman known as Ron Purtee is back with a new short film, the Rondo Award-nominated Becoming Undead II, and you can watch this bad boy right here, right now! Dig it!

Slender Man to Haunt The Eidolon State

Slender Man has become an Internet sensation and even had a recent episode of "Supernatural" based upon his exploits, but now the Freeze Frame Films team is looking to take his haunting mythos to another level with the short film The Eidolon State.

Watch, Scream, and Vote as the Hellions Horror Video Contest Begins!

We told you about the Hellions Horror Video Contest back in January. You read, followed orders, and made movies. Now the time has come for the voting process to begin. Read on for details.

Stills Provide First Look at Psychological Short Film Barrow

After scooping up a whole lot of festival acclaim with short films in the past, Aussie filmmaker Wade K. Savage (The Owl, Hunt) returns with Barrow, a short that's being described as Silence of the Lambs meets "True Detective."

Exclusive: Watch Tuesday Knight's New Short Film 'Opening Night' Right Here for a LIMITED TIME!

She tangoed with Freddy Krueger in Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, and now Tuesday Knight is back with the all-new short film Opening Night from director / writer / producer Dakota A. Thomas. Even cooler? You can watch it right here, right now.

Horror Short Rusalka Loving its World Premiere on Valentine's Day at Pasadena International Film Festival

Horror short Rusalka will be making its world premiere on the lovingest of all days, February 14, at the Pasadena International Film Festival as part of a two-hour block of horror shorts entitled "Something Wicked This Way Comes."

Award-Winning Short Prisoner 614 Screening at Hollywood Reel Independent Film Fest

Word of a new "must see" horror short film playing during the 2014 Hollywood Reel Indie Film Fest landed in our inbox so here's the scoop on David Portorreal's Prisoner 614 plus a few stills.

Attention Filmmakers: Submit Your Two-Minute Video to the Hellions Horror Video Contest

The generous folks behind the upcoming film Hellions want to help your voice be heard. Check out the details for the Hellions Horror Video Contest and get your cameras rolling!