Short Film

Check Out Slick New Short Film Project: S.E.R.A.

When it comes to making zombies, it always seems so much worse when mindless raving berserkers are created by government tomfoolery. Project: S.E.R.A. doesn't feature zombies in the traditional sense, but this version of the undead monster could be worse.

Check Out Short Film The Swarm, Shot Entirely on Xperia Arc S…Yeah, a Phone

Here is the beauty of the horror genre. Filmmakers challenge themselves to do things differently. We've seen, for example, movies made with a zero dollar budget or taken in a single shot. You never see that in other genres. You don't see anybody trying to find a unique way to shoot a buddy comedy. Only in horror do you get these unique approaches to filmmaking. And we've got a real winner for you with The Swarm.

Get the First Look - and Listen - at Shit Zombies Say

Director Craig Singer dropped us a line to let us know about his new video entitled Shit Zombies Say, which isn't quite a short film... more like part of a bigger event. Read on for the details (scarce though they might be) and to see it for yourself.

Words Like Knives Short Film Explores Everyday Horrors

Plenty of films deal with serial killers, alien invasions and marauding monsters - all fun stuff and great fodder for horror. The upcoming short Words Like Knives takes a more psychological approach, working in topics like bullying and mental cruelty. These are things that many individuals deal with on a daily basis, and they make great subjects for a horror film.

Dorothy (Short, 2011)

Starring Courtney Monsma, Darrell Plumridge, Andrew Nathan Written and directed by Eros Romero

Online Premiere of Staci Layne Wilson's The Night Plays Tricks Short Film; Poster Art Unveiled

The day before the day before Christmas is winding down, and Santa's helpers just dropped off a special present for us to share with our Dread Central readers: the online premiere of Staci Layne Wilson's second short film, The Night Plays Tricks, accompanied by the first look at its poster art.

Film Students' Traumatizing Work Banned From College Presentation ... But We've Got it Here!

Steve Goltz and Kevin Sommerfield are burgeoning filmmakers at Arizona State University. After hearing that no student work would ever be censored by the college's film program, the duo set out to create an in-your-face slasher flick to appeal to horror fans. Thus, Teddy: It's Gonna Be A Bear was born and was then promptly yanked from the Annual Capstone Film Showcase, the film program's big screening of the year.

Teaser Trailer for Staci Layne Wilson's The Night Plays Tricks Short Film

Staci Layne Wilson has another short film in the works entitled The Night Plays Tricks, and she's sent over the teaser trailer for us to debut here on Dread Central. It is a haunting romantic thriller about a man lost in time between the apparitions of women representing his past and his future.

Sneak Peek at Cougars Bares its Claws

Here at Dread Central we're fans of many things ... especially cougars. You can keep your gum-chewing nubile young lasses. We'll take the ladies with experience, thank you very much. Unless of course said ladies turn into snarling beasts looking to tear us to pieces.

Evening with My Comatose Mother, An (Short, 2011)

Starring Wendy Macy, Missy Hill, Michele Turner Wilson, Rick Macy Written and directed by Jonathan Martin

New Short Film Catches Us Red-Handed

Ah, burglars. You are so cute with your sinister looking masks and your grabby fingers. I've been a big fan for years. The Hamburglar, incidentally, was my all-time favorite masked man. And it's a pair of pilfering siblings that we focus on in the new short Red-Handed.

Torn (Short, 2011)

Starring Nick Colla, Dean Kirkright, Wendy Bos, Pia Prendiville, Ben Ridgewell Written and directed by Chris and Robert Smellin

Check Out a Robotic Trailer for The Mechanical Grave

Director Jon Keeyes has released a really unique steampunk trailer for his upcoming short film/TV pilot "The Mechanical Grave." Sure, all the traditional horror sub-genres are great and much loved. But when something totally unique like this trailer appears, we've got to be sure to send it your way also.

Polish Zombies on a Rampage in Official Wataha Trailer

Man, what is with Poland lately? Every time we turn around, it seems that there are more and more horror flicks headed our way from there. Not that we're complaining, of course; it's just a bit odd!

Bitter Taste of Magic, A (Short, 2011)

Starring Ken Zirkman, Elizabeth Tavares, Keith Seymour Written and directed by Jay Carver