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See Over a Half Dozen Stills from Grimm Episode 3.12 - The Wild Hunt

Things look to be heating up in both Portland and Vienna in tomorrow night's Episode 3.12 of "Grimm," entitled "The Wild Hunt," and we have a batch of images to share, including one in particular that should make Monrosalee fans extremely happy!

Dance with the Dammerzustand in Part 4 of Grimm Web Series - Meltdown

With Season 3 of "Grimm" set to kick off TONIGHT, the finale of the show's web series tie-in "Meltdown" is here. Watch as Hank arrives to rescue Bud and Sergeant Wu, but the trio get more than they bargained for.

It's Sargent Wu to the Rescue in Part 3 of Grimm Web Series - Meltdown

The "Grimm" web series "Meltdown" features lovable Eisbiber Bud (Danny Bruno) battling the undead, and today we bring you Part 3 of the series, entitled "Tight Squeeze," in which Sergeant Wu (Reggie Lee) comes to Bud's rescue, but things don't go quite as planned.

Grimm Cast Members Talk What's Ahead in Season 3

We're inching ever closer to the return of "Grimm" to NBC with Episode 3.01, "The Ungrateful Dead," and to help fill the time, we have some new video interviews with the cast, including a zombified David Giuntoli!

Bud's Battle Continues in Part 2 of Grimm Web Series - Meltdown

Earlier today we shared Part 1 of the new "Grimm" web series "Meltdown," featuring lovable Eisbiber Bud (Danny Bruno), and now we're back with Part 2! As an extra bonus we also have the synopsis for the main show's Episode 3.02, "PTZD."

Check Out Part 1 of the New Grimm Web Series - Meltdown

We're just two short weeks away from the Season 3 premiere of "Grimm," and to help fill the time, we have Part 1 of the new web series "Meltdown," in which Bud (Danny Bruno) is tormented by a zombie in his shop.

Preview and Images from Grimm Season Finale Episode 2.22 - Goodnight, Sweet Grimm

Week in and week out, "Grimm" delivers a good time - and some pretty cool creatures - so we're sad to see its second season end, but it looks like we're in for a doozy of a finale. Here are a preview and some photos to help get you ready for it.

Feeling Sleepy? Rouse Yourself with a Sneak Peek of Grimm Episode 2.21 - The Waking Dead!

We were pretty happy to hear NBC is moving "Grimm" back to Friday nights in the fall, and to celebrate, here's a clip from tomorrow night's Episode 2.21, "The Waking Dead."

Image Gallery for Grimm Episode 2.21 - The Waking Dead

Sometimes you do get what you ask for! Just yesterday we were complaining that NBC hadn't released any images yet from "Grimm" Episode 2.21, "The Waking Dead," and just like that - here they are! Minus zombies unfortunately, but you can see a few in the preview.

Zombies Invade Portland in this Preview of Grimm Episode 2.21 - The Waking Dead

With just two more weeks left in this season of "Grimm," NBC is being stingy doling out the goods. We haven't seen any stills from the upcoming Episode 2.21, "The Waking Dead," yet; but at least we can share a preview of what happens when zombies descend on Portland.

Clarification on When NBC Will Air Grimm Episode 2.18 - Ring of Fire

Right after NBC announced "Grimm" is moving to Tuesday nights, on the 19th the network preempted what was supposed to be the show's final Friday night airing due to live news events. So, when will we see said preempted Episode 2.18, "Ring of Fire"?

Image Gallery for Tonight's Grimm Episode 2.18 - Ring of Fire

"Grimm" returns to NBC tonight after a quick two-week spring break, and we have a look at an image gallery from Episode 2.18, "Ring of Fire," for you right here.

Adalind Crosses Paths with a Gypsy in this Clip from Grimm Episode 2.18 - Ring of Fire

"Grimm" returns to NBC this Friday night with Episode 2.18, "Ring of Fire," and we have a sneak peek of the ep in which Adalind crosses paths with a gypsy with sinister intentions.

A Demon Arises in this Preview of Grimm Episode 2.18 - Ring of Fire

"Grimm" is taking a quick two-week break before the next episode, but considering all hell is about to break loose, we can use the extra time to hone our demon-hunting skills. Here's a preview of what's ahead in Episode 2.18, "Ring of Fire."