Shawn Lewis

Black Devil Doll Series There Goes Da Neighba'hood Gains Ground; Message from the Filmmakers

The lovable sickos behind the Black Devil Doll TV show, "There Goes Da Neighba'hood," have just sent over a message to fans with some really good news. Read on for the latest and look for more on this one soon!

Check out the Opening Sequence to the Black Devil Doll's There Goes Da Neighba'hood

The cats behind the Black Devil Doll TV show, "There Goes Da Neighba'hood," just released the project's opening sequence along with a quick message regarding getting this slice of sick made! Read on for details.

Massive There Goes Da Neighba'hood Update

We just checked in with the cats behind the Black Devil Doll TV show, "There Goes Da Neighba'hood," and it turns out that while we weren't paying attention they dropped several big announcements and a new poster!

Trent Haaga and Heidi Honeycutt Join the Black Devil Doll for There Goes Da Neighborhood

Some quick casting news has come in for the upcoming Black Devil Doll television series "There Goes Da Neighborhood as Heidi Honeycutt and Trent Haaga have signed on for active duty!

The Black Devil Doll Hits The Bunny Ranch; Opens New Facebook Page

Can anyone stop the Black Devil Doll on his quest to infect the small screen with his militant spunk? Who cares?!? The little guy has hit Nevada's Bunny Ranch with hilarious results! Oh, and now there's a new place to keep up with his exploitative exploits!

Black Devil Doll Returning... To TV?

Black Devil Doll is offensive, dirty, disturbed, naughty, low brow, filthy, and rumored to cause explosive diarrhea. That makes it the perfect choice for an evening of wholesome family entertainment. Read on for details.

Fight the Power by Diggin' on the Black Devil Doll Weird Wobbler Commercial!

With the holiday season just around the corner (can you believe it?), there's one gift that everyone should give: a tiny replica of a horny militant serial-killing puppet who's so naughty he's nice! From the Press Release

CONTEST CLOSED! Win a Black Devil Doll Bobblehead!

The official Black Devil Doll Bobblehead is here, and being that we've got one sitting right on our desk, we can assure you he's one bad mutha! Wanna score one on us? Of course you do.

See The Black Devil Doll Bobblehead Get Born Again!

Bobbleheads. You know them, you love them, and when they're based upon possessed puppets with a liking for fried chicken, white women, and murder, you have to have them. Now thanks to the powers-that-be at Cult Collectibles, you get to see exactly what goes into making these head shakers!

Black Devil Doll Ready to Snuff Yo' Other Bobbleheads

Aw shit, son! The baddest puppet on the block is ready to invade your collectible shelf and break his foot off in your other toy's asses!

Exclusive One-Sheet Debut: The Lewis Brothers' Bottomfeeder

Just last week we brought you the news that the creative team behind Black Devil Doll, the Lewis Brothers, have a new monster flick on the horizon called Bottomfeeder. Now just days later we have the skinny on when you can see the very first clip and the official one-sheet debut featuring artwork by long-time Lewis Brothers collaborator Stephen Romano, who also wrote the film's screenplay.

The Lewis Brothers' Bottomfeeder on the Rise for 2011

The people who brought you one of the most insane films of last year, Black Devil Doll, are back with what promises to be a very different kind of monster movie.