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The Following Is Reborn in These Images from Special Preview Episode 2.01 - Resurrection

Can "The Following" rebound from its disappointingly mediocre first season? A time-jumping reset is coming our way, and here's a batch of new stills from the Season 2 special preview, Episode 2.01, "Resurrection," to give us an idea of what's ahead.

New Cast Photos and a Change in Premiere Dates for The Following Season 2

With the success of its two-night premiere "event" for "Almost Human," Fox is trying a similar approach for the return of "The Following" and has moved the Season 2 premiere back one night to Sunday, January 19th, with another episode airing in its regular time period on Monday, the 20th.

Three More Actresses Join The Following

At last month's San Diego Comic-Con, we learned that during Season 2 of "The Following" we'll be meeting Ryan Hardy's niece, and now we know who'll be playing her - along with two more new female cast members.

More Casting News for The Following as James McDaniel Joins the FBI

Most recently he's appeared in "Orange Is the New Black," but for most of us James McDaniel will always be thought of as Lt. Fancy from "NYPD Blue." Now he's about to join the FBI on "The Following."

Casting News for The Following Season 2 - Is Ryan Hardy Ready to Love Again?

She played a political power broker in "Boss," a detective in "Law & Order: SVU," and a Roman princess in Gladiator; and now Connie Nielsen is about to become a member of "The Following."

Dexter Star Sam Underwood Becomes Part of The Following

More casting news has come in regarding the second season of Fox's hit show "The Following" as the new kid on "Dexter"'s kill table, Sam Underwood, has signed up for active duty. Read on for details.

#SDCC 2013: Cast and Creators Share Some Clues about The Following Season 2; Video Excerpts from the Panel

The press roundtables at SDCC for "The Following" were jam-packed with juicy tidbits of what we can expect in Season 2, and we have all the highlights here along with some footage from the panel.

Time for an Insider Look at The Following Season Finale Episode 1.15 - The Final Chapter

So, what did everyone think of the first season of "The Following"? We were a bit underwhelmed but still hold out hope for Season 2, depending on who returns. Here's an "Insider" look at the finale, "The Final Chapter," with series creator Kevin Williamson.

Exclusive: Executive Producer Marcos Siega Talks The Following, What Makes Serial Killers Terrifying, and Much More

"The Following" Season 1 finale airs tonight on Fox, and we recently chatted with Executive Producer Marcos Siega about the finer details of the show, how it evolved to this point, and what will happen next as Joe’s vulnerabilities start to bleed to the surface.

Ryan and Emma Meet Up in New Clip from The Following Season Finale Episode 1.15 - The Final Chapter

We're just a day away from the season finale of "The Following" (look for our exclusive interview with Executive Producer Marcos Siega Monday morning), and to get you ready for "The Final Chapter," we have a new clip in which Emma has Ryan right where she wants him.

Love Is a Lie in This Sneak Peek of The Following Season Finale Episode 1.15 - The Final Chapter

With Ryan closing in on him, Joe takes a few quiet moments to discuss love with his ex-wife, Claire, in this clip from "The Final Chapter" of "The Following" Season 1. With Season 2 already guaranteed, it'll be interesting to see whose chapter on the show is indeed coming to an end.

An Extended Trailer for The Following Season Finale Episode 1.15 - The Final Chapter

It's all been leading to this: "The Final Chapter" of Joe Carroll's latest masterpiece. Will Ryan save Claire? Will Agent Parker be rescued in time? Will the FBI EVER not look like the Keystone Cops? Check out the extended trailer, and tune in next Monday to find out.

A Pair of Stills from and Preview of The Following Episode 1.15 - The Final Chapter

So, have you stuck with "The Following" during its freshman season, and if so, are you ready for "The Final Chapter" next week? Here are a couple of stills and a preview of Episode 1.15 to help tide you over until Monday.

Another Sneak Peek of The Following Episode 1.14 - The End Is Near

It's a good thing for Boston the real FBI does a better job than the one we see in "The Following"! But it looks like the fictional version is about to close in on its prey in Episode 1.14, "The End Is Near," and we have another clip from the ep to share.

Get an Insider Look at The Following Episode 1.13 - Havenport; Sneak Peek & Photos from Episode 1.14 - The End Is Near

We're down to the final two episodes of "The Following," but before we show you a clip and several photos from Ep. 1.14, "The End Is Near," let's take an "Insider" look at last night's Ep. 1.13, "Havenport."