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A 'Huge' Finale Is Teased in this Sneak Peek of The Following Episode 2.15 - Forgive

Will "The Following's" fans "Forgive" this uneven season and return for the show's already announced third go-round? It all boils down to Episode 2.15 and if director/exec producer Marcos Siega can deliver the "huge... fantastic" finale promised in this clip.

No One Is Safe in this New Teaser for The Following Season Finale Episode 2.15 - Forgive

The only surefire way to avoid spoilers is to watch "The Following's" Season 2 finale (Ep. 2.15, entitled "Forgive") on Fox this coming Monday night when it airs, and of course the network has come up with a hastag to encourage live tweeing: #FollowingFriends.

Will You Accept this Invitation to The Following Season Finale Episode 2.15 - Forgive?

You are cordially invited to the season finale of "The Following" (Episode 2.15, entitled "Forgive") next Monday, and before you RSVP, you might want to check out this new preview and still that Fox just released.

Get an Insider Look at The Following Ep. 2.13 - The Reaping and a Preview of Ep. 2.14 - Silence

Well, last night dashed our hopes of a Joe/Lily showdown on "The Following," but with just two episodes left, we'll keep tuning in just to see what the twins do next! Here's a preview of next week's Ep. 2.14, "Silence," along with a quick look back at Ep. 2.13, "The Reaping."

Get an Insider Look at The Following Episode 2.01 - Resurrection

"The Following" Season 2 kicked off on a high note this past Sunday night with "Resurrection," and on tap now we have director Marcos Siega taking us behind the scenes of the subway killings, filmed on location in New York City.

The Following Returns Strong; Will Viewers Be Back 'For Joe'? See Some Photos and a Preview of Ep. #2.02

Premiering last night after the live NFC Championship game gave "The Following" a big increase over the number of viewers who saw its Season 1 finale, but will they (and you) return for Episode 2.02, "For Joe"? Here are some photos and a preview to help you decide.

Three Clips Arise from The Following Season 2 Preview Episode - Resurrection

Yesterday morning we had three new promos for "Resurrection," the special preview episode of "The Following" Season 2, and today we have three new clips. See? Good things really do come in threes!

A Trio of New Promos for The Following Season 2 Preview Episode - Resurrection

Still on the fence about tuning in to Fox on Sunday night for "Resurrection," a special preview episode of "The Following" Season 2? If everything you've seen so far hasn't convinced you, maybe these three new promos will win you over!

New Full Cast Promotional Photo for The Following Season 2; Also See Jessica Stroup as Max Hardy

We're closing in on this weekend's airing of "Resurrection," a special preview episode of "The Following" Season 2; and to get us even more pumped up, Fox has released a new cast promo photo plus our first look at Jessica Stroup in action as Ryan's niece, Max Hardy.

Revive Your Monday with a Pair of Exclusive Images from The Following Season 2 Preview Episode - Resurrection

"Resurrection," a special preview episode of "The Following" Season 2, airs in just a few days; and to kick off your work week, we have a pair of exclusive images from the ep to share.

New Video for The Following: Kevin Williamson on The Next Chapter

A new video has arrived for "The Following," in which the show's executive producer Kevin Williamson discusses opening the book on "The Next Chapter."

Meet 'The New Ryan Hardy' and Check Out an Infographic for The Following

We're getting closer to the return of "The Following" on January 19th with the special preview episode "Resurrection," and to make sure you haven't forgotten about it, here's another behind-the-scenes look that introduces "The New Ryan Hardy."

Get the First Look at The Following Season 2

Fox has released so many recaps, revisits, and sneak peeks of "The Following" Seasons 1 and 2 that we've lost track of what we've seen already. But this latest video is a must-watch: Get a first look at the new season right here!

Revisit The Following Season 1 and See a New Preview of Season 2

If you missed the first season of "The Following," don't worry. This four-part "The Following Revisited" video series released by Fox will help you catch up via exclusive interviews, Season 1 highlights, and a sneak peek of Season 2, complete with a punked out Emma!

The Following Video Interviews - Part 1: The Returning Players

The return of "The Following" is heading our way in just a few weeks on Fox TV, and here to help you get ready are several video interviews with the stars, both old and new, and series creator Kevin Williamson.