Shaun Troke

New Trailer and TV Spots - More Untitled Terror

Damned be official titles! You don't need a clever moniker to bring on the chills, and a new indie flick coming out of the UK is here to prove that. Sit back, kids! You're gonna be here for a little while as there's lots of new stuff to dig upon!

Terror Has No Name in Untitled

Labels. Names. Whatever. People are always trying to put things in tiny boxes so that they can feel all cozy inside knowing that they perfectly understand everything around them. Sometimes, though, you just can't. Sometimes things are best left Untitled.

First Art and Trailer - Sparrow

A website for Shaun Troke's new tale of urban legends running amok, Sparrow, has just come online; and with it have come a new plot crunch, some poster art, and the trailer! Of course we have everything right here for you because, well, you're sexy and we cannot resist.

Keep Your Eye on the Sparrow

Don't go to bed, with no price on your head. No, no, don't do it. Don't do the crime, if you can't do the time, yeah, don't do it. And keep your eye on the sparrow. When the going gets narrow. Don't do it, don't do it. Where can I go where the cold winds don't blow, now. Well, well, well ...