Sharon Leal

A Trio of Clips from Grimm Episode 3.10 - Eyes of the Beholder

NBC is pulling out all the stops this week by releasing not just one or two, but THREE clips from Friday night's "Grimm" Episode 3.11, "Eyes of the Beholder." Check 'em all out right here!

Juliette Battles a Drang-Zorn in These New Images from Grimm Episode 3.10 - Eyes of the Beholder

We first met a Drang-Zorn in Season 2 of "Grimm," and this week another member of the badger-like Wesen species arrives to do battle with Juliette. Check out some photos of their fight and more!

Behold This Preview of Grimm Episode 3.10 - Eyes of the Beholder

What have we here? Wesen street gangs? All of a sudden Portland's not looking so hospitable in this preview of next week's Episode 3.10 of "Grimm," entitled "Eyes of the Beholder."

Learn the Truth about Rasputin in this Clip from Grimm Episode 3.09 - Red Menace

A real-life historical figure plays a prominent role in this sneak peek of Friday night's Episode 3.09 of "Grimm," entitled "Red Menace." It involves Russia, a Wesen known as a Koschie, and some events surrounding World War I.

First Images from Grimm Episode 3.09 - Red Menace

"Grimm" is off for the next few weeks but will return in the new year on January 3rd with Episode 3.09, "Red Menace"; and as these new stills show, we finally get the Renard/Adalind reunion we've been anxiously awaiting!

Grimm Creature Profiles: The Gelumcaedus and The Krampus; Preview of Episode 3.09 - Red Menace

"Grimm's" double feature last night brought us two new Wesen: the Gelumcaedus, an ancient alligator, and the Krampus, aka the anti-Santa. Check out their profiles along with a preview of Episode 3.09, "Red Menace."

Cary Elwes and Sharon Leal Sign up for a Little Murder

Two more stars will be joining the already announced Josh Lucas, Terrence Howard, and Lake Bell in Peter "Gaga" Antonijevic's upcoming thriller Little Murder. What? Don't be that way; we already know you're excited.