Shark Night

Bikini Clad Babes Abound in New Shark Night 3D Image Gallery

We've landed almost a dozen new images for David R. Ellis' upcoming Shark Night 3D courtesy of French distributor Metro Films, and just like after watching the trailer, we're perplexed by how many day scenes there are in a movie called Shark Night.

Shark Night 3D Gets a Toothless Rating

Listen closely, kids. Hear that? Shhh! Pay attention now. There? Hear it? That was the sound of all of our hopes and aspirations for Shark Night 3D sinking like a lead balloon. The MPAA rating is in. and it's about as hard to digest as that damned license plate in Jaws.

Trailer for Shark Night 3D Packing Some Serious Bite

Ahoy, maties. Today we be having the trailer debut for the toothy David R. Ellis movie Shark Night 3D. Pull ye legs out of the water and try to avoid gettin' yeself scurvy, ya land-lubbing meat-bag. Okay, we have no clue why we burst out into pirate lingo, but watch the trailer anyway and stop making a fuss.

Official One-Sheet and Synopsis Debut: Shark Night 3D

Over the weekend we brought you the first look at the teaser one-sheet for David R. Ellis' Shark Night 3D. It was slightly out of focus and washed out. Still, we make do with what we have, right? Now, however, we've got the goods you want with every razor-sharp detail in place!

Take a Bite Out of the Shark Night 3D Teaser Poster

While tooling around Los Angeles at a special screening this past Saturday evening, we came across the very first motion teaser poster for David R. Ellis' Shark Night 3D and snapped a quick picture for ya! Yes, it's low-resolution and no, you can't see any of the cool motion effects, so think of this as a teaser until the real thing surfaces.