True Blood Season Finale - Recap and Inside the Episode of "And When I Die"

As far as this writer's concerned, last night's finale of "True Blood" went a long way toward righting what was wrong with Season 4 -- assuming that the people who apparently died stay dead -- and did a good job setting up the events of Season 5, coming June 2012. Want to relive some of what transpired? Here we have for you a recap of "And When I Die" along with an "Inside the Episode" video with writer Raelle Tucker and director Scott Winant.

Next Season of True Blood Promises Something Really Wicked

Sit down, my children, as we gaze deeply into our crystal ball ... the images are becoming clearer now. Cleeeaaarerrrr ... Yes, something ... Something is manifesting! It looks like, loooooks like ... Yes! A news teaser image for the upcoming season of everyone's favorite horny vampire show, HBO's "True Blood"!

Sam Trammell Reminds True Blood Fans Waiting Sucks

It's time for fans of "True Blood" character Sam Merlotte to be reminded that "Waiting Sucks" when it comes to the upcoming Season Four of the popular HBO series. Here's another new teaser trailer, this time featuring star Sam Trammell. It also gives us a first look at Janina Gavankar as Luna, "a super-sexy public school teacher and shapeshifter."

Danny Boyle May Have Sharp Teeth

Danny Boyle, L.A. gangs, and werewolves. It just sounds so right, doesn't it? That's exactly what we may be getting should Boyle choose to direct an upcoming adaptation from long-time screenwriting collaborator Simon Beaufoy.

Three More Recurring Characters Added for True Blood Season Four

And the cast for HBO's "True Blood" Season Four keeps expanding! Three more recurring characters (and the actors who will be playing them) have been revealed.

True Blood Season 3 Finale: Inside the Episode, Alan Ball's Thank You, Viewer Count

Season Three of HBO's "True Blood" came to an end this past Sunday night, and while some viewers were a bit underwhelmed by the finale, there's no denying showrunner Alan Ball really amped up the series' sex 'n gore quotient this year, which possibly aided in its 5% increase over the S

Chat with Kristin Bauer van Straten and Joe Manganiello After the True Blood Season Finale

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Three Preview Clips for the True Blood Season 3 Finale

After the torture of making us wait two whole weeks for the Season Three finale of "True Blood", HBO has graciously provided three clips of the episode, which is entitled "Evil Is Going On". Here's what to expect in the September 12th finale:

True Blood Season Three Finale Preview Now Online

Due to the upcoming Labor Day weekend festivities, HBO has decided to make fans of "True Blood" wait one week longer before we can feast on the Season Three finale, "Evil Is Going On", but they have finally released the preview trailer for the episode, and yep, there's a whole lotta evil in store for us! Here's what to expect in the September 12th finale:

True Blood "Fresh Blood" Post Mortem and Inside the Episode; In Memoriam Video Extra

With just one episode left of "True Blood" Season Three (although we have to wait an extra week to see it due to the upcoming Labor Day Weekend), the powers-that-be have decided to pay homage to those who haven't made it out of Bon Temps alive over the course of the series thus far. Along with the usual Post Mortem and Inside the Episode videos that have followed each installment this year, we also get an extra entitled "In Memoriam".

Three Preview Clips for True Blood Episode 35, Fresh Blood

With just two episodes left, Season Three of "True Blood" is coming to a head with lots of confrontations and couplings yet to occur that regular viewers of the show know are just around the corner. To help further stoke the flames, HBO has released three preview clips from this Sunday's installment, "Fresh Blood".

True Blood "I Smell a Rat" Post Mortem and Inside the Episode; Promo for "Fresh Blood"

If Denis O'Hare isn't nominated for an Emmy next year for his amazing alternating psychotic and poignant portrayal of Russell Edgington, the vampire king of Mississippi, on this season of "True Blood", then there's no justice in this world. With only two episodes remaining, we can't wait to see what he does next! But first let's take a quick look back at Ep. 34, "I Smell a Rat", via HBO's weekly Post Mortem and Inside the Episode.