Hilarious Seven-Inspired Unboxing Video

One of the greatest and arguably most shocking moments in film history is the infamous unboxing scene from David Fincher's Seven. As jaded as I am, that shit stayed with me for long after I first saw it. With unboxing videos being an internet craze, it was only a matter of time before someone parodied it!

The Top 9 Unorthodox Weapons in Horror

The new horror film You're Next is anything but traditional. So to celebrate the release of this new diabolical nightmare, we've decided to bring you a list that is anything but traditional itself. Take a gander at the Top 9 Most Unorthodox Weapons in Horror!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win an October Fear Fest Blu-ray and DVD Bundle

We've had dozens of contests running this month in honor of Halloween, but we have saved the best one for last! You want a home video bundle to die for? Look no further! In honor of its line-up of Halloween horror titles, Warner Brothers, in association with Dread Central, has your opportunity to win an exclusive October Fear Fest Blu-ray and DVD Bundle!

First Blu-ray News: Seven

When it comes to movies about serial killers, it's really hard to find one that's caused more of a stir than David Fincher's Seven. We still think about the ending every now and again and feel like we've been hit by a bus. Now, thanks to the advent of Blu-ray, on September 14th we're going to get the chance to see every gory detail in glorious high definition.