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The Seventh Son Release Date Moved Once Again

It's been several months since we last heard anything new about The Seventh Son, which was supposed to be heading our way in October (after already being pushed back from February, 2013), but now it makes sense since it's been bumped again.

First Official Stills from The Seventh Son

And the parade of eye candy keeps on marching with two new stills from Legendary and Warner Brothers' upcoming adaptation of The Spook's Apprentice known as The Seventh Son. Dig it!

Seventh Son Concept Art Shows an Exorcist on a Quest for the One Ring

Well, okay, not really, but it is hard to not get that kind of vibe after seeing the latest sliver of concept art for Legendary and Warner Brothers' upcoming adaptation of The Spook's Apprentice known as The Seventh Son.

Principal Photography Begins on The Seventh Son; Official Synopsis Revealed!

Well it's finally official. Filming of Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures' The Seventh Son has commenced, and we have the latest for you right here. Read on for the official synopsis and more!

The Seventh Son Attracts Man of Steel's Antje Traue

After watching a guy running around in a red, yellow, and blue uni-tard for the past several months, can you really blame a girl for going out and finding someone who has super powers but is also a bit more macho?

The Seventh Son Starting Production

Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures' The Seventh Son finally has a start date, and we have the latest for you right here. Read on for all the details.

Game of Thrones Actor Kit Harington Goes from Bastard Son to Seventh Son

Some more casting news coming in for Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures' The Seventh Son. Variety reports that "Game of Thrones" star Kit Harington has found his next role before jumping back into production on the HBO series.

Warner Bros. Releasing The Seventh Son in February, 2013

We've heard of planning ahead, but this is getting ridiculous! Buy a 2013 calendar now, kids, and mark February 15th as the date Warner Bros. will release Legendary Pictures' The Seventh Son. Assuming, of course, those pesky Mayans are wrong about the world ending in 2012.

Ben Barnes Becomes the Seventh Son for Warner Brothers

Another actor has stepped up to the plate in Warner Brothers' latest terror tale, Seventh Son (formerly The Spook's Apprentice). So who will be joining the show for some demonic mayhem? The power of Christ compels you to read on!

The Seventh Son - Sam Claflin and Alicia Vikander Lead the Pack

Lots of actors are vying for the lead roles in Warner Bros.' upcoming tale of exorcism, The Seventh Sign, and the studio that the Bunny built has finally put out an offer to two of them.

Young Bloods Line Up to Revere the Seventh Son

Horror fans love to be kept in the know. That's why we're here. Still, reporting news lately has begun to feel more like micro-managing. Case in point ... reporting on who's in line for a role before anyone even gets it. Still, gotta roll with the punches or folks will go elsewhere, and we guess it does give you a feel for who said character will be.

Julianne Moore to Bewitch the Seventh Son

Word has broken about yet another project featuring witches and witchcraft, this one coming with a top named star to play the wickedest witch of them all. If only she could be green!

UPDATE: The Lord Abides - Jeff Bridges to Play Exorcist in The Seventh Son

"Whadja puke on the carpet for, man? It really tied the room together, ya know? Now it's gone. That's it! I cast thee out, man!" Oh, how I wish this one could play out just like that! The devil is going to once again get his cinematic due, but this time he'll be facing off with his greatest enemy yet ... The Dude!