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Summary for Supernatural Episode 7 - Family Matters

Those of us who've been watching the new Season Six of "Supernatural" have been questioning exactly what Grampa Samuel might be up to. And it appears that Dean will be as well come Episode 7, "Family Matters", airing on November 5th. Read on for a summary of the episode.

More from Behind the Scenes of the Jensen Ackles-Directed Supernatural Episode 4

They may have relegated "Supernatural" to Friday nights, but that doesn't mean The CW doesn't still take care of the show's fans with a plethora of stills, clips, etc.; and today they give us a few behind-the-scenes photos of Jensen Ackles directing his first ep

Supernatural: Behind-the-Scenes of Episode 4: See Jensen Ackles Direct

The Jensen Ackles-directed Episode 4, "Weekend at Bobby's", of this season of "Supernatural" debuts this Friday, October 15th, and we've got a little behind-the-scenes peek at what it was like for him working on the other side of the camera.

Two Preview Clips for Supernatural Episode 4 - Weekend at Bobby's

"Supernatural" fans on Team Jensen have a lot to be excited about this week as on Friday, October 15th, they'll have a chance to check out the episode he directed (i.e., "Weekend at Bobby's"). The trade-off is that he won't be appearing in it very much.

Summary for Supernatural Episode 6 - You Can't Handle the Truth

Now that "Supernatural" Season Six seems to be finding its groove, fans of the show have been wondering what, if anything, special we can expect from the episode airing on October 29th in light of its proximity to Halloween. Well, the synopsis for Episode 6, "You Can't Handle the Truth", came out today so judge for yourselves!

Two Preview Clips for Supernatural Episode 3 - The Third Man

Last week's "Supernatural" episode got things a bit more back on track for the Winchester brothers, and that, plus the promise of Castiel's return, have made us look forward to the upcoming third Season Six ep, entitled "The Third Man", even more.

Summary for Supernatural Episode 5 Live Free or Twi-Hard

During the "Supernatural" panel at this past summer's San Diego Comic-Con, Jensen Ackles brought down the house with his promise that he "will be killing some vampires properly this year. Cut this pasty, waify shit out!" In Episode 5, "Live Free or Twi-Hard", airing on October 22nd, we'll get to see him fulfill that promise!

Stills from the Jensen Ackles Directed Episode of Supernatural - Weekend at Bobby's

On October 15th we'll finally have a chance to check out the "Supernatural" episode directed by co-star Jensen Ackles, entitled "Weekend at Bobby's", and to help get everyone geared up for it, The CW has released a big batch of stills.

Two Preview Clips for Supernatural Episode 2 - Two and a Half Men

The Season Six debut of "Supernatural" divided the fanbase a bit -- some (like yours truly) thought it was a little top-heavy with new characters who really didn't do anything -- but we all agree we're looking forward to the upcoming eps to see what new showrunner Sera Gamble has up her sleeve. Case in point: Episode 2, "Two and a Half Men", for which we have a couple of preview clips.

Supernatural: Synopsis for Jensen Ackles Directed Episode Weekend at Bobby's

During the "Supernatural" panel at this past summer's San Diego Comic-Con, we heard a little bit about Jensen Ackles' directorial debut (Episode 4, "Weekend at Bobby's", which is airing on October 15th) and even saw part of a scene from the ep featuring the characters of Bobby Singer and the demon/angel Crowley. Today we have the full synopsis.

Supernatural Central: Prep for the Season 6 Premiere on Friday on The CW!

Are you excited for "Supernatural"'s new season? We certainly are! After five brilliant seasons with showrunner Erik Kripke, we can't wait to see what his successor, Sera Gamble, has cooked up for us fans.

Supernatural: A Few Stills from Episode 3 - The Third Man

As Andrew mentioned in his Top 10 Most Kick-Ass "Supernatural" Moments article, writer Ben Edlund has long been the series' secret weapon, cooking up some of the most bizarre content you’ll ever see on television. So we're definitely looking forward to the upcoming Episode 3, "The Third Man", which he wrote and airs Friday, October 8.

Supernatural: A Brief Chat with Jensen Ackles

Since we've heard from Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins already, we figured it was just a matter of time before Jensen Ackles had his own "CW Connect" interview pop up on the Internet, and today's that lucky day!

Supernatural: Stills from the Upcoming Episode 2 - Two and a Half Men

We're still a couple of days away from the Season 6 premiere of "Supernatural", but that's not stopping The CW from releasing a few stills from Episode Two of this upcoming season, entitled "Two and a Half Men", which airs on October 1st.

42 Superb Samples of Supernatural Fan Art

Are you excited for the September 24th premiere of "Supernatural" Season 6 on The CW? We are! Over five years "Supernatural" has built up a very loyal fandom across the world. So let's take a look at what the more artistic and talented fans have created for us all to enjoy.