First Wolf Creek 2 Domestic Trailer Brings the Action and Horror!

We cannot wait to sink our teeth into the carnage of Wolf Creek 2 Stateside and join the evil Mick Taylor on his road to absolute and total carnage. To help us get there Yahoo! landed the first trailer. Check it out!

Exorcise Your Demons With this Clip from A Haunted House 2

The sequel to A Haunted House, the cleverly titled A Haunted House 2, is on its way after many a delay! On tap right now is another clip just waiting to yuck it up with you!

Set Visit Coverage: 5 Fun Facts We Learned on the Set of A Haunted House 2

The house I’m in holds a lot of mysteries within its walls and halls. From infidelity to unnatural deaths, this place definitely packs a patina of evil. Beginning with its stint as a secret-keeping casa in the dark drama American Beauty...

New Red Band Trailer Takes Us into A Haunted House 2

Hot on the heels of yesterday's one-sheets for A Haunted House 2, we now have a brand spanking new red band trailer for you cats! That's right, red band. As in be careful who you fuckin' watch it with, AIGHT?!?! Look for the flick on April 18th!

New A Haunted House One-Sheets Spoof Blumhouse

There's been no question that Blumhouse had released some of the most well received horror movies of the last few years. So of course they're perfect for A Haunted House 2 to spoof! Look for the flick on April 18th!

Get Ravaged by the Phantasm: Ravager Teaser Trailer

Well, that was fast! Just a few days after the announcement came that Phantasm: Ravager was complete, along comes a teaser trailer. Check it out along with additional details about the film right here, and expect lots more soon!

UPDATE: Vindication Two Years in the Making - Phantasm 5 a Reality

Two years. That's how long it's been since we broke the news that a fifth film in the Phantasm film series was coming. When we announced the news, everyone, including ALL of other horror sites, called bullshit and ridiculed us to no end. Well, guess what...

Eduardo Sanchez Teases Potential Blair Witch Project Sequel

Back in 1999 Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick introduced the world to The Blair Witch Project, one of the most influential horror films of all time. Though it was, of course, followed up with a sequel, the duo had nothing to do with it...

Stars Confirm Tucker & Dale vs. Evil Sequel in the Works

As far as horror comedies go, one of the best in recent years is no doubt Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, which brilliantly pit college kids against backwoods hillbillies in a way never before seen in the annals of horror cinema. We've been begging for a sequel since the film's release in 2010, and it looks like our prayers have been answered. Read on!

New Jurassic World Concept Art Shows Off the Attraction of the Future

The International Business Times has landed the first bit of concept art for Universal's upcoming Jurassic World, and we have a look at the majesty that is the new Jurassic Park attraction right here for you!

Screen Gems Developing Underworld: Next Generation

2012 saw the release of Underworld: The Awakening, the fourth installment in the mega-popular Underworld franchise, which introduced Selene and Michael's hybrid daughter, Eve. Will Eve become the new Selene in future installments? Read on for details!

Kick off the Weekend with More Jurassic World Casting News

One actor has tweeted that he's signed on for a part in the upcoming Jurassic World while two others we've heard rumblings about have now been confirmed. Read on for the details!

Help Pick the Cover Art for Joy Ride 3: Road Kill

Our brothers in harm over at Bloody Disgusting are holding a contest which will enable you, yes YOU, to pick the key art for the upcoming flick Joy Ride 3: Road Kill! Read on for the skinny!

New Images from Wolf Creek 2 All Bloodied Up!

We cannot wait to sink our teeth into the carnage of Wolf Creek 2 Stateside, and to further along your own bloodlust, we have several new stills from the flick. It's a good day to be a horror fan, I tell ya!

Colin Trevorrow Reveals Jurassic World Plot Details; Familiar Face Returning!

We still don't yet know much about Jurassic World, the long-awaited next installment in the mega-popular Jurassic Park franchise. While plot details have been shrouded in secrecy, the writer/director of the film just spilled some pretty exciting beans. Read on!