Wreckin' Videos from Final Destination 4 Set!

Director David R. Ellis (Snakes On a Plane) has his work cut out for him. He has to find a way to top all the badass carnage we've seen throughout most of the previous Final Destination flicks. OK, to be honest ... he really only has to top the car crash in FD2. Is that possible?

Behind Feast 2

The Fango fiends found a gory surprise in their inbox today in the form of a boatload of behind the scenes stills from Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds, one of which you can see on your right.

Believe in the X-Files Widget

The official site for the second theatrical installment of The X-Files has been updated to include a sweet widget and ringtones for your phone.

Hostel III Happenings

Okay, by a show of hands ... who is ready for more tourists getting sliced up because they meandered into the waiting clutches of foreign psychos? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

X-Files: I Want to Believe Panel Transcript!

Love it or hate it, The X-Files was a cultural milestone that brought horror back in a big way. Like the rest of America, I went through the mid-Nineties completely addicted and eagerly anticipated the Friday night paranoia of agents Mulder and Scully. But following the departure of writers Glen Morgan & James Wong and the first big screen movie, the show took a creative nosedive and slowly burnt out through season after season of bad story arcs. Now, seven years later, The X-Files: I Want To Believe hopes to reignite the glory days for a whole new generation.

Aiden on Updating Lost Boys Music

The makers of The Lost Boys: The Tribe sure are taking the film’s heritage seriously, bringing back both characters and music from Joel Schumacher’s original for the sequel, which hits DVD July 29th (pre-order it here).

Exclusive: More Jeepers Creepers 3 Details

The last time we saw the Creeper, he was nailed to a wall with a harpoon gun pointed, happily awaiting his return in 23 years. Just how will the "Bat Outta Hell" manage to escape the trap that has been waiting for him for over two decades?

Descent 2 Behind the Scenes Footage

Just got a heads up from a reader that YouTube's hosting a very cool behind-the-scenes news report from the set of The Descent 2, which will be wrapping up its shoot sometime this week. Its focus is on the studio they were using for the sequel, but there’s a lot of great footage of Crawlers and a very dirty Shauna MacDonald. Check it out below, and keep your eyeballs peeled for our Descent 2 set report very soon!

First Look at The Descent 2

Yep, that’s the first look at a crawler from The Descent 2, the much-maligned sequel that’s coming our way whether we like it or not. Shooting just recently wrapped in London on the follow-up, and Fango got the first pic of one of the new crawlers. Which looks remarkably similar to the old crawlers...

Official Plot for L: Change the World

In a story over on Twitch about the English-subtitled DVD release of L: Change the World in Hong Kong, my ocular organs ran across a full plot synopsis for the film, which I realized I had never read before. We’ve been reporting on the Death Note sequel/spin-off for months now, but never actually knew what it was about. Strange.

Teasing Terminators!

What is with all the Terminator 3 hate? It was a passable entry that threw us a curve ball and became a segway to jump into the future wars. Honestly, how many more times did we need tales of John Conner somehow stopping the apocalyptic future from raining down on mankind?

Video Dread Exclusive: Hellboy 2 Cast & Crew!

During the recent New York Comic Con, we got the chance to talk on-camera with a lot of the creative force behind Hellboy 2: The Golden Army including Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, stars Selma Blair and Ron Perlman and of course director Guillermo del Toro.

Good Dishes Unborn Plot

Megan Good remembers being a kid and wanting to be just like Danielle Harris in Halloween 4, a memory that helped her along when the time came to star in her own horror sequel, Saw V.

Monster X Trailer, Rodan DVD News!

It was just a few days ago that I finished a story commenting that I wished they'd hurry up and get a new trailer out there for Minoru The Calamari Wrestler Kawasaki's remake/sequel/parody/whatever of The X From Outer Space. And they'd need to hurry too since The Monster X Strikes Back: Attack the G8 Summit opens in Japanese theaters on July 27th.

REC 2 Teaser Art!

Over the weekend, those Spanish badasses at Aullidos got their hands on the first teaser poster for REC 2, the inevitable sequel to REC (review) that will hopefully take things in a completely different direction...