F.E.A.R. 2 Q&A

Ready for Alma's next rampage? You know you are! But what can we expect this go around through her world of bleeding ceilings and clone warriors? To find out we sat down with Principal Game Designer, Craig Hubbard!

Fallout 3 (Video Game)

Reviewed by Mr. Dark Available for Xbox 360 (reviewed here), Playstation 3 & PC Developed & Published by Bethesda Softworks Oblivion with rocket launchers.

AFM: Boll Still Planning on Bloodrayne 3

It’s not what one would call “news”, per se, but it’s an update from the world of Uwe Boll so don’t pretend you’re not fascinated by it. You’re only lying to yourself if you do. During his annual AFM chat with Andrew Kasch, the Mad German revealed that he is still planning on shooting Bloodrayne 3 at some point in the near future, and he does plan on it still taking place during WWII which, you may recall, is when the first game was actually set.

AFM: Nightmare Detective 2 Promo Stills

Andrew just dropped a quartet of promo stills from Shinya Tsukamoto’s Nightmare Detective 2 in our laps, and we’re happily ready to share ‘em with you. They’re pretty damn freaky if you ask me, but anyone who’s seen the first Nightmare Detective shouldn’t be surprised. No word on when or how the sequel will be out in the States, but when we know, you’ll know!

Exclusive: Michael Bartlett Talks Zombie Diaries 2, Forever Darkness & More!

With the impending release of The Zombie Diaries (review here) hitting DVD in a few days, co-dir

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Blu-ray / DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, Doug Jones, Luke Goss Directed by Guillermo del Toro Distributed by Universal Studios Home Entertainment

AFM: Early Art for Chair II: Ressurrection of Crowe

Did you miss Brett Sullivan's The Chair (review here) when it hit DVD a few months ago? Well you better get cracking because a sequel is now on the way, which you can read more about right here. We've now got a much cleaner look at some early art for it from this year's AFM!

AFM: Another 30 Days of Night

More sequel news has come down via AFM, this time from STYD, confirming that a sequel to 30 Days of Night is in the works. I really hope no one is surprised by that. Word is that Steve Niles will be writing the screenplay with Ben Ketai.

AFM: Sullivan Planning The Chair 2

Kasch just called in from AFM with some good news for those of you who dug Brett Sullivan’s Ginger Snaps 2 follow-up, The Chair (DVD review); Sullivan and writing parner Michael Capellupo are currently writing a sequel, which is being called The Chair 2: Ressurrection of Crowe.

First Pic From Romero's Island of the Dead!

The first still from Romero’s next zombie opus, which we’re now officially referring to as Island of the Dead until we’re told otherwise, showed up on Halloween over at USA Today, of all places, as well as a bit

Akkad Talks Halloween 2!

Creepy just checked in with us from the Halloween 30 Years of Terror convention going down in Pasadena, CA with some news direct from Malek Akkad about the sequel to Rob Zombie’s Halloween!

Exclusive: Butterfly Effect 3 Revelations Poster

With the next 8 Films to Die For just around the corner, we decided to see if we could dig up a Halloween snack for you guys to whet the old appetite! Of course we succeeded!

Bousman Talks Repo, Saw, Etc!

Darren Bousman is a man with lots to say. His journey with Repo: The Genetic Opera (review here) alone is enough to fill up a good sized book with scandalous stories, etc.

Exclusive: Screenwriter Talks Bubba Nosferatu Casting!

This morning the guys at AICN had an interview with Paul Giamatti up in which he announced that Ron Perlman was looking to fill the blue suede shoes of Elvis Presley in Don Coscarelli’s Bubba Nosferatu. We told you about it cause we love you, and now we have official word from Bubba Nosferatu writer Stephen Romano on the casting!

Lady Blood Poster & Trailer Are Here!

Back in 1990 the bizarre horror film Baby Blood (review here) freaked out a lot of people who were expecting some kind of run-of-the mill killer baby film. The story involved a cruel circus owner whose pregnant wife became infected with some kind of evil creature that demanded blood.