The Howling: Reborn Official

A bit of official confirmation to start off your Thanksgiving week. We first told you of this flick during all that AFM madness, but today -- The Howling: Reborn (original story here) has been made official!

Lost Boys 3 Update: Tanit Phoenix Joins the Cast

The synopsis for upcoming DTV sequel Lost Boys 3: The Thirst mentions Gwen Lieber, a wealthy vampire-romance novelist who hires Edgar Frog to rescue her son, and today we learned who would be playing said novelist: South African model and actress Tanit Phoenix.

The Descent Part 2 TV Spot

A new TV spot debuted today on the official The Descent Part 2 website, and of course we've got it for you fresh from the cave! Synopsis

Shield Writer Tapped for Fourth Underworld Film

The Underworld franchise is pretty rare in that it actually has been getting better as it goes along. In fact, we'd call that a goddamn anomaly. With a fourth entry on the way, can the wheel keep rolling uphill?

Left 4 Dead 2 Hi-Rez Movie Posters / Midnight Riders to be Playable?

Left 4 Dead 2 is out now, and it's kicking a copious amount of ass. Whereas the first game innovated, this one polishes the concept and really makes it shine. So all you guys on the anti bandwagon -- you're missing one hell of a game. Probably the best zombie themed game I've ever played.

Scream 4: Courteney Cox Talks Gale Weathers

We're all excited to see where Kevin Williamson takes his characters in Scream 4 and beyond, and the actors are too. In a recent interview Courteney Cox expounded a bit on where she thinks her character and her husband David Arquette's character, Dewey, are all these years later.

A Friday Treat! Nic Cage Being a Really Bad Lieutenant

No. This has NOTHING to do with horror movies. We know that, and in this instance, we're fine with that. So, why are we doing a quick news story on Werner Herzog's Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans starring Nicolas Cage?

Death Race Sequel Drives Directly to Home Video

In case you didn't have enough of finding out exactly who shits on the sidewalk the first time out, the sequel to the remake of Death Race is now on its way from Universal.

Make a Date with Saw VII in 3D

I almost feel bad for Saw VI. The flick delivered on all counts; yet, it performed really badly at the box office. We can only hazard a guess that the damage done by the abysmal Part V left audiences so cold that the new film was something they weren't going to bank on this year. David Hackl, director of Part V, now has a date for redemption with his new flick Saw VII 3D.

Williamson Talks More Scream 4

The horror genre has undergone quite a few changes since Scream single-handedly rescued the genre from box office oblivion back in the mid 90s (I can’t believe it’s been over ten years already) so news of a fourth film has really piqued Dread Central’s curiosity. Will Scream 4 be in line with the gorier, nastier flicks that came after the self-referential trilogy, or can we expect some good-natured winking to accompany our slashing? We’ve got an answer for you.

Hatchet 2 Teaser Art / Frozen Gets a Rating

A couple of news bites came out of Adam Green's camp today. The first is that his upcoming chiller Frozen has gotten itself a rating, and secondly a teaser image for Hatchet 2 has made its way online. Interesting.

Exclusive New Image: 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams

And the news keeps trucking in this weekend, but this time it's not AFM related! We just got our claws on a brand new exclusive image from the recently retitled sequel from Tim Sullivan, 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams. Check it out!

Jurassic Park 4 Talk? Bring on the Dinos!

For better or worse, we love the Jurassic Park films. The first one is an absolute classic, the second one is ... well ... the second one, and the third is a guilty pleasure monster movie. So as you can imagine, talk of a fourth entry brought a big smile to our faces.

First Official Still: 30 Days of Night: Dark Days

The very first still from 30 Days of Night: Dark Days just arrived in our inbox, and because we are quick like cats, here it is for the rest of you guys!

Twilight Saga: New Moon - The Wolf Pack and Kristen Stewart Speak!

Twitter is abuzz with reports from The Twilight Saga: New Moon's press day -- we'll list our recommended tweeters to follow below -- but in the meantime some video interviews with Kristen Stewart and four members of the Wolf Pack just hit online that are sure to get fans talking.