Self Storage

Self Storage (2013)

Starring Eric Roberts, Michael Berryman, Tom DeNucci, Jonathan Silverman Written and directed by Tom DeNucci

Chad Verdi Announces Self Storage 2, Talks Army of the Damned, and Lands Martin Scorsese to Co-Produce Passion Project

To say that producer Chad A. Verdi has made a splash on the horror industry would be quite the understatement. In just the last two years he has produced films starring Robert Englund, Tony Todd, Michael Berryman and many more.

Check Out the First Trailer for Self-Storage, Featuring Eric Roberts, Michael Berryman and Jonathan Silverman

Always with a nose to the grindstone, Woodhaven Pictures has just dropped the trailer for their next release, Self-Storage. The film features a cool cast, some killer F/X and hot chicks. Sounds like a winner. From the Press Release