Woodhaven Production's Infected and Self-Storage Receive Worldwide VOD Distro

Film producer Chad A. Verdi proudly announces that the latest two films to be released by his Rhode Island-based Woodhaven Production Company, Infected and Self-Storage, have landed international video on demand distribution.

Woodhaven Productions Films Infected and Self-Storage Acquired by Screen Media Films for Distro

Fresh off a successful premiere at Rock and Shock in Worcester last weekend, producer Chad A. Verdi announces his films Infected and Self-Storage have been nabbed by Screen Media Films as part of a developing four-picture deal.

First Poster Arrives for Woodhaven Production Company's Self Storage

Featuring one of the more diverse casts we've seen in quite some time, Woodhaven Films' latest movie, Self Storage, has wrapped, and we've got the first official poster as well as some early news of a sequel for you to check out.

Attention Wrestling Fans! Tommy Dreamer and Rosita Added to Cast of Self Storage

E-C-W! E-C-W! E-C-W! Ah, the chant still rings in our ears from the great days of Extreme Championship Wresting. And one of the main players from the early days, Tommy Dreamer, has been added to the cast of Self Storage.

More Casting News and Behind-the-Scenes Photos from Self Storage

The Woodhaven Production Company is proud to update us on its newest film, Self Storage. The cast currently consists of Michael Berryman, Eric Roberts and Jonathan Silverman; and now a new star has been added. We also have a behind-the-scenes look at the flick.

Producer Chad A. Verdi Attaches Eric Roberts to Upcoming Film Self Storage

After recently announcing that Michael Berryman and Jonathan Silverman will be starring in his next film, Self Storage, producer Chad A. Verdi of Woodhaven Productions now adds Academy Award nominated actor Eric Roberts to the project.

Michael Berryman Heads into Self Storage

Legendary genre actor Michael Berryman has been added to the cast of Woodhaven Production Company's newest project, Self Storage. The creators of Inkubus, starring Robert Englund and William Forsythe, now add another name to the growing list of genre icons on their roster.

Chad A. Verdi's Woodhaven Production Company Green Lights New Horror Project, Self-Storage

When you think of horror production, you don't normally think Rhode Island, but that may change if Chad A. Verdi and his Woodhaven Production Company have anything to say about it. Verdi is proud to announce they have greenlit their third horror film, Self-Storage.