The Secret World

Subscription Fees Dropped from The Secret World

Funcom has announced that The Secret World will no longer require a monthly subscription fee to play. Now you can purchase this terrifying MMO and play forever! Read on to learn more and to watch a brand new video for the game.

The Biggest Update Yet Has Arrived for The Secret World

The Secret World is now available for PC and puts players into a horrifying adventure like none other. You must try to protect your city and yourself from terrifying creatures from beyond. Read on to check out the new features of Issue #4: Big Trouble in the Big Apple.

The Secret World Releases Issue #2

The Secret World has released new DLC content with Issue #2. The biggest part of the release lets players get their hands on a cool new rocket launcher for monster killing fun. Read on to watch the new trailer!

The Secret World Now Available For PC

Funcom has let the secret out of the bag. The Secret World (review) is now available for PC and players everywhere are invited into this modern-day MMO game. Read on for all the details you need to get you geared up! Let the conspiracies begin!

Embrace the Darkness that Is The Secret World

The Secret World is almost upon us and gamers are invited to participate in the dark hours ahead through the 'Early Access' period. Players can participate by pre-ordering the game before July 3rd for a chance to see what evil lurks in the shadows of this terrifying new MMO.

Exclusive: Senior Producer and Creative Director Ragnar Tornquist Discusses The Secret World

Funcom's The Secret World will release on July 3, 2012, for PC. In anticipation of its release, Dread Central set down with Ragnar Tørnquist, Senior Producer and Creative Director of the game, to learn what gamers can expect from the highly anticipated MMO!

The Secret World Hosts Its Final Beta Weekend

The Secret World is the perfect game for any horror fan, and after participating in one of its Beta Weekends, I can enthusiastically tell you that the game is kick-ass! The next Beta Weekend will run from June 22nd-24th. One final chance to get a glimpse into the darkness that is The Secret World!

The Secret World Launches Final Beta Weekend

The Secret World will launch its third Beta Weekend starting June 15th to allow you to explore tons of new content. Join the horror today in the MMORPG The Secret World, which is overrun by dark creatures and where nightmares have become reality!