Secret Circle

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: More Horror TV from The WB, Dexter, and Locke & Key

With TV set to dominate this year's San Diego Comic-Con, more panel and screening info has come in with regard to some of our favorite shows, including one that is being admitted into the hallowed confines of Hall H! Read on for the details of who'll be there from Warner Bros. TV and Showtime's "Dexter" along with how you can get a sneak peek at Fox's failed pilot for "Locke & Key".

The CW Sets Premiere Dates: The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, and Supernatural

Hungry for more of "The Vampire Diaries" and "Supernatural"? Anticipating your first dive into the world of "The Secret Circle"? Then get out your calendars, kids, because we have the lowdown on when you'll be able to see the latest episodes of your favorite, and soon-to-be-favorite, shows!

Six Minutes Inside of The Secret Circle

Excited for The CW's new show "The Secret Circle"? Then you'll be happy to hear that a new six-minute preview has slipped online, and of course we tracked it down and have it for you here. We leave no stone unturned in our daily pursuit of tastiness.

Image Gallery and Three Video Previews of The Secret Circle

Well, how about that? We just announce where on The CW's fall schedule we'll be able to find Kevin Williamson's "The Secret Circle" and the network releases a half dozen images and three video previews of the show to give everyone a taste of what they can look forward to.

The CW Reveals Fall Schedule, Plot Summaries for New Seasons of The Vampire Diaries & Supernatural

As we predicted once The CW picked up Kevin Williamson's "The Secret Circle" for its upcoming fall season, today comes word that the new series will indeed be paired with his other show for the network, "The Vampire Diaries", on Thursday nights. In addition we've learned a bit about what we can expect during the upcoming seasons of both "TVD" and returning fan favorite "Supernatural".

No Surprise Here - The CW Confirms Pickup of The Secret Circle

In what was pretty much seen as a foregone conclusion, The CW has announced that Kevin Williamson's "The Secret Circle" will be joining its roster for the upcoming fall season. The only unknown at this point is on what day it be airing, but we wouldn't be at all surprised to see it on Thursday nights after Williamson's other popular series for the network, "The Vampire Diaries".

Gale Harold Signs on for the Secret Circle Pilot

We're starting to need a scorecard to keep track of all the characters announced thus far in Kevin Williamson's new pilot for The CW, "Secret Circle". Today came word that a father figure has been added to the mix, who will be portrayed by Gale Harold.

The CW's Secret Circle Expands to Include Natasha Henstridge

What? You thought we were going to get through the day without some TV pilot casting news? Silly you! One more name has signed on to The CW's upcoming witchy show "Secret Circle", and we have to admit we're intrigued. One of the fairest of her "species", Natasha Henstridge, is joining Kevin Williamson's newest project.

Louis Hunter Joins the Secret Circle

Another bit of casting news has come our way for The CW's upcoming witchy little show "Secret Circle", and while we have no clue who he is, it's a good bet that the chicks will like him.

Two More Join the Secret Circle

During my tenure working within the horror genre, there's not a single other time that I can recall in which television casting news came so fast and furious. It's like the world woke up and decided that horror projects were cool. Thanks for finally joining us.

Phoebe Tonkin Latest Member of the Secret Circle

Remember the day when witches were ugly wart-covered green chicks that hairpins would fly off of when they ran? Silly stereotypes for sure, but man, they were fun. In reality witches, or Wiccans, are peaceful folks who are just as normal as you or I.

Thomas Dekker Joins the Secret Circle

Many of us here at Dread Central are big fans of Thomas Dekker ("Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles", Laid to Rest) and also Kevin Williamson so the news of the two of them working together on a project made our day!

Secret Circle Secrets Revealed

Kevin Williamson fans have been buzzing away with excitement thanks to all the news quickly breaking regarding his latest show for The CW television network, "Secret Circle". Today there's even more reason for fans to lose their shit as just about everything they could possibly have been curious about has come to light!

Brittany Robertson Becomes Part of Kevin Williamson's Secret Circle

Casting has officially begun on Kevin Williamson's next project for The CW, "Secret Circle", and we've got the first info on just who's going to be a part of TV's newly formed coven as well as who will be directing the pilot.

Kevin Williamson to Open the Secret Circle in Lieu of Vampire Diaries Companion Show

Bad news for fans of "The Vampire Diaries" looking forward to the long talked about companion series. It doesn't look like it will be happening anytime soon as co-creator Kevin Williamson's schedule has not allowed him to focus on fleshing out and writing the new project. However ...