Secret Circle

The Secret Circle: A Preview of Episode 1.06 - Wake and an Image Gallery for Episode 1.08 - Beneath

Starting to get hooked on The CW's "The Secret Circle" yet? After the events of the past couple of weeks, we certainly are, and to help whet your appetites even further for what's coming up on the series, here's a video preview of tomorrow night's episode, "Wake", along with an image gallery from the November 3rd ep entitled "Beneath".

Netflix to Stream Past Seasons of The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, and The Secret Circle

While we usually don't report on business news here at Dread Central, an item about Netflix and The CW network from this morning really caught our eyes: Netflix will start streaming shows from The CW starting this weekend.

Halloween Week on The CW: Synopses for The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, and Supernatural

Halloween falls on a Monday this year, which means the holiday episodes of most TV shows are airing the week before, including those on The CW, but that doesn't mean genre fans don't have more to look forward to, as evidenced by the just released synopses of "The Vampire Diaries" Episode 3.08, "Ordinary People", and "The Secret Circle" Episode 1.08, "Beneath", both airing on November 3rd. "Supernatural" Episode 7.07, "The Mentalists", which bows November 4th, isn't sounding too shabby either.

Andrew Miller Previews The Secret Circle Episode 1.05 - Slither; Series Given Full Season Order

In what should come as no surprise to anyone, The CW has announced a full season order for its rookie series "The Secret Circle". If you're a fan of the show, why not celebrate by watching the just released preview of tomorrow night's Episode 1.05, "Slither", hosted by executive producer Andrew Miller?

Image Gallery for The Secret Circle Episode 1.05 - Slither

Things are definitely heating up on "The Secret Circle" what with one member of the Circle having been, shall we say, "tainted" by the events of last week. Check out this new image gallery from the upcoming episode, "Slither", to see if it provides any clues as to the cure.

A Preview of The Secret Circle Episode 1.05 - Slither

If you've been watching "The Secret Circle", then you must have been as happy as we were at the turn of events last night. Finally some black magic and even a demon reared their ugly heads, and it did nothing but help the show. Hopefully such events will continue next week; check out this teaser trailer from Episode 1.05, "Slither", and let us know what you think.

Andrew Miller and Kevin Williamson Preview The Secret Circle Episode 1.04 - Heather; Two New Clips Surface

Curious about how high the danger levels of where "The Secret Circle" is headed might reach? Then you'll want to check out this preview of tonight's Episode 1.04, "Heather", hosted by executive producers Andrew Miller and Kevin Williamson. We also have two new clips from the ep along with a promo video that highlights what critics are saying about the show.

Thursday, October 27th on The CW: Episode Synopses for The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle

Wonder what The CW has up its sleeve for the week leading up to Halloween? Well, on "The Vampire Diaries" the folks in Mystic Falls are celebrating Illumination Night, when the town is invaded by spirits of the dead, and then on "The Secret Circle" the hot ticket is the gang's Halloween bash. Read on for the details of Thursday night, October 27th.

Image Gallery from The Secret Circle Episode 1.04 - Heather

"The Secret Circle" is proving to be a good fit with The CW's existing lineup, and in our opinion the show has improved each week. We're curious to see how Episode 1.04, "Heather", in which the teenage characters learn more about events in the past that affected their parents, stacks up to what we've seen so far.

A Preview of The Secret Circle Episode 1.04 - Heather

While we're warming up to The CW's new series "The Secret Circle", we're finding the adult storylines much more interesting than those involving the kids, which is why next week's episode, "Heather", is definitely on our radar. Check out the preview, which introduces someone from the kids' parents' Circle who was mentioned in last night's ep. Color us curious indeed!

A Clip from The Secret Circle Episode 1.03 - Loner

Just when we thought we weren't going to be graced with a clip from tonight's episode of "The Secret Circle", entitled "Loner", lo and behold The CW has released one after all. Watch as the members of the circle meet up at the abandoned house to manage a problem.

Thursday, October 20th on The CW: Episode Synopses for The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle

And the clever episode titles continue for "The Vampire Diaries" as the synopsis has just come out for Episode 3.06 of the series, airing on October 20th - "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Over on its sister show, "The Secret Circle", things don't seem quite as cheerful, however, as Episode 1.06 is called "Wake". Read on for both of the synopses.

Andrew Miller and Kevin Williamson Preview This Week's Episode of The Secret Circle - Loner

The powers-that-be at The CW didn't provide us with a clip from this week's episode of "The Secret Circle" as they usually do for all of their shows; instead we have a preview of "Loner" with executive producers Andrew Miller and Kevin Williamson discussing the ep and hinting at where the season might be going. We'll take it!

A "Loner" Comes to Town in The Secret Circle Episode 1.03

Things are slowly but surely moving forward on The CW's "The Secret Circle", and knowing how executive producer Kevin Williamson works, it's no surprise the show is already announcing that "The rules have changed" for next week's episode, entitled "Loner". Check out this new preview, and remember to always stand together or die alone!

Thursday, October 13th on The CW: Episode Synopses for The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle

Tonight the second episodes of the season are airing for both "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Secret Circle", but the network is already looking ahead to the fifth episodes of each show, having released the synopses for them earlier today. Read on for details about TVD's "The Reckoning" and TSC's "Slither".