Seconds Apart

Seconds Apart (DVD)

Starring Orlando Jones, Edmond Entin, Gary Entin Directed by Antonio Negret Distributed by Lionsgate

Exclusive Psychotic Clip from After Dark's Seconds Apart

With its DVD, digital download and On Demand release date of May 24th rapidly approaching, we nailed down an exclusive clip from what is quite possibly the best of this year's After Dark Originals crop, Seconds Apart, for you. We're good like that.

After Dark Originals: Seconds Apart and Fertile Ground DVD Artwork & Details

The creators of the hugely successful After Dark Horrorfest series are back with the release of two more new twisted and terrifying original films. Lionsgate debuts After Dark Originals: Seconds Apart and Fertile Ground on DVD, Digital Download, and On Demand this May 24, 2011; and we've got a look at the artwork and DVD extras for both.

Exclusive: In Depth with Vincent J. Guastini on Scream of the Banshee and More!

Let’s face it… Special Makeup FX are the backbone of the horror genre. As engaging as storylines can be, as believable as acting is, and as competent as directing and cinematography are, fans pay money and put their asses in those seats or buy those DVDs and Blu-rays because they love the creatures.

After Dark Originals: Seconds Apart and Fertile Ground Hitting DVD in May

More DVD news rolling in from Lionsgate as two more of the After Dark Originals ready themselves to make their home video debut onto DVD. Read on for the details. From the Press Release

After Dark Originals Heading to the UK!

While the quality of the flicks themselves may be questionable in many cases, it’s nevertheless true that a cool concept such as the annual After Dark Horrorfest leaves UK genre fans wanting for some similar horror action on these shores without resigning to wait for the (eventual) DVD releases.

Trailer Debut - After Dark Originals: Seconds Apart

One more After Dark Originals trailer has made its way online -- this time for Antonio Negret's Seconds Apart -- and of course we have it here for your perusal.

After Dark Originals: The Entin Brothers Talk Seconds Apart! Exclusive New Image!

Twin brothers Gary and Edmund Entin dropped DC a quick line about their wicked roles in the After Dark Original Seconds Apart. Read on for the synopsis and the twins’ dual thoughts along with an exclusive new image from the flick! Synopsis:

After Dark Originals Main Event Trailer and Theater Locations!

We're almost there! Just a few more days and the new crop of horror goodies coming our way from After Dark Films, dubbed The After Dark Originals, will be crawling their way through theaters. We've got the whens and wheres along with the main event trailer for you!

After Dark Originals to Hit Theatres in January

The time is drawing ever so near ... That's right, kids! Every year in January After Dark Films provides horror fans with a fresh crop of flicks that have been specially selected to be part of their eight films to die for. This year, though, things are working a bit differently.

After Dark Originals Officially Announces Seconds Apart

It's getting to be that time of year again! After Dark Films is nearly ready to drop another fresh crop of horror flicks on audiences, this time as part of its After Dark Originals banner, and we've got the official word on one of them ... Seconds Apart. Dig on the release and the first official still below. From the Press Release

Behind-the-Scenes: After Dark Originals - Seconds Apart

It's two times the terror for one of the After Dark Originals coming this fall, Seconds Apart, and we've got your chance to meet the twins!

Two More After Dark Originals International Posters: Seconds Apart & Fertile Ground

After Dark has released two more of its international posters for the After Dark Originals series: Seconds Apart and Fertile Ground.

Boobs and Snakes! It's the After Dark Originals International Main Event One-Sheet!

Keeping with their theme of having an incredibly hot chick somehow being obscured by horrific themes, After Dark Films has released its international main event one-sheet, and we approve. Man, do we approve!

Complete Synopses for All Eight After Dark Originals

Wonder what to expect this fall from the eight announced After Dark Originals that After Dark Films is making in conjunction with Lionsgate and the Syfy Channel? Wonder no more! We've got the skinny on each!